2JW 2018/19

Welcome to 2JW!

Autumn 1

We have had an amazing start to Year 2!


In English we have been looking at traditional tales. First, we read the story of Snow White altogether then we retold the story using story maps and props to help us remember. Once we had committed the story to memory, we had a go at rewriting the story in our own words, trying to add exciting sentence openers and expanded noun phrases.

Here are some pictures of us in our groups, acting out the story of Snow White.


We started learning about different materials. So far we have sorted a variety of materials into categories such as hard and soft as well as considering our own categories to sort the materials.

Here are some pictures of us discussing how to categorise the materials.

Can you find some more materials in your home? What categories would they fit into?


We took a leaf out of Thomas Farynor’s book and became bakers for the day, fortunately we remembered to switch off the ovens!

Using our knowledge of 17th century London we created burning houses in school as well as many of us taking up the challenge of making them at home as part of our topic homework. Thank you to all the adults at home who helped with our amazing topic homework!

Trips and Visits

We have had some superb visits to school this term as well as going to sing at the Fire! concert.

On the bus home from the concert.

The fire service came to school and we had the opportunity to sit in the drivers seat, put on the helmets and even use the hose!

The fire service came another time and gave us a talk on fire safety. We now know all about fire prevention, smoke alarms and the importance of having a fire action plan at home which we discuss with our adults.