2KD 2017/18

Welcome to 2KD!

Your class teachers this year are Miss Dodd and Mrs. White.

I hope you have come back refreshed after a wonderful holiday and had a fantastic first week in year 2!

Autumn Term


Year 2 Production – Treasure Island!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

This term, we are going to be learning all about Fairytales in English and Reading. This week, we have been learning all about the features and storyline of Snow White and the children have been retelling the story to each other using interesting and varied fairytale language and even some stretchy nouns.

The Great Fire of London

For a few weeks, we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and we were lucky enough to take part in a drama workshop, where the children learnt all about the night of the Great fire and some got the chance to act out the events as the people who were really there! We also had an audio adventure to Pudding lane where the children listened to the story of the fateful night through our Now Press Play headphones and joined in the fight to try and save the city of London! Well done 2KD!


As well as doing some fantastic drama activities, 2KD have made and evaluated bread. Here are some pictures of the children doing their baking, just like Mr. Thomas Faryner, the baker who started the Great Fire of London.



This term, we have been learning all about different materials, their properties and how we can test them in an investigation. The children have learnt how to predict what they think will happen during an investigation, record their results, and finally, evaluate the different results and what they mean. Here are some photos of our absorbency investigation! Which one proved to be the most absorbent?

2KD have recently planted some garlic in our courtyard area, and we will be tracking its growth throughout the next few winter months. Here are some pictures of our planters!

Terrific Trips!

2KD visited Dulwich Library last week to experience a library setting and to take out a book to keep in school to read. We started with storytime and the children were read several exciting stories before being able to explore the library and choose their own book. They were very sensible on the trip there and back and earned themselves 4 treasure chests!

2KD also got the fantastic chance to watch the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ at the Unicorn Theatre in London Bridge this term. We even managed to see a ship on the Thames and a pirate sculpture in the middle of a fountain!

End of term

We have had a fantastic first term in year 2, well done to all of the children’s hard work! We were so lucky to see the this in action during their Pirate play on Friday and Monday, which they performed fantastically in and we have ended the term with a well deserved celebration this week. Have a restful holiday and we will see you in the Spring term. Happy holidays 2KD!