2KD 2018/19

Welcome to 2KD!

Your teachers are Ms. Dodd and Mrs. Burston.

We’re so happy to meet you all and we hope you are excited about being in Year 2. We’ve got some exciting topics to learn about this year, including the Great Fire of London, Pirates and Florence Nightingale! Can you think of something you are looking forward to in Year 2?

Autumn Term

Fairy tales

Our first English topic is Fairy tales and we have just finished reading Snow White. Today, the children started writing a detailed version of the traditional tale, using stretchy nouns and lots of interesting sentence openers.

Can you remember any other fairy tales you know?

Who is your favourite fairy tale character?

The Great Fire of London

The children have been learning all about the Great Fire of London including how it began and where it happened. Last week, we learnt about what a timeline is by placing events in History. This week, we will be creating some London skylines with raging fire in the background by using oil pastels. We are also lucky enough to attend a drama workshop where the children reenacted the events leading up to the Great Fire and the fire itself!

Can you remember how many days the fire raged for?


We are learning all about different materials in Science this term. We have already sorted materials into different categories, like hard and soft, and tested which material is the most absorbent when mopping up some spilt water. This week, we will be using data loggers to measure how much light can get through different materials, testing their transparency.

Can you remember the scientific word for not letting any light through?