2LB 2017/18

Welcome to 2LB!

Autumn term
We have had a very exciting start to Year 2!

Have a look at some snippets from our fantastic Year 2 Production of Treasure Island! 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

In our English lessons, we have been acting out the story of Snow White. We’ve used story maps, actions and props to help us to remember the story and add in extra detail.

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We have also been finding out about the Great Fire of London! Have a look at us sequencing some historical dates in chronological order.

We had a great time acting out the Great Fire of London in our drama workshop!

We had a brilliant time using Now Press Play to re-enact the Great Fire of London. We imagined that we were children during September 1666 and that we had to help pull down houses to stop the fire from spreading!  

We also were visited by the London Fire Brigade. They told us all about how to keep safe in our homes and how to check a smoke alarm! 

Three times a week, we have Guided Reading sessions. It is fun to use Reading Eggs, listen to the story CDs and enjoy free reading in our lovely book corner! 

We have been baking bread, just like Thomas Farynor! It was delicious, especially when we added sultanas! 

We’re learning about pirates!

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What can you find out about Blackbeard and other famous pirates? 


In Book Week, we were lucky enough to have been visited by an author!

We have also visited Dulwich Library and selected our own books. We can’t wait to read our new library books in school! 

For our on-going science investigation, we have been planting garlic. When you do think it will sprout?

We have been choosing materials and using these to make pirate ships. Our aim was to see if our pirate ships would float in water or not! Which materials do you think would be best at staying afloat?

We then applied our Art skills to craft boats out of clay.

In Science, we have been learning to sort animals in different ways! First we practised sorting animals in a Venn diagram and then in a Carroll diagram. Can you think of different ways to sort your favourite animals?

We had a terrific time on a school trip to the Unicorn Theatre! We really enjoyed the performance of the Velveteen Rabbit, especially the ending. After the show, we walked along the south bank of the Thames to see which landmarks we could spot. We then went into the Hay’s Galleria to marvel at the amazing ship! It helped us to feel like real pirates!

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Just before Christmas, we celebrated by wearing our holiday jumpers! Which one is your favourite?

Spring term

This term, we will be learning about the famous nurse Florence Nightingale! We visited her museum and found out many facts about her life and the impact that she has had on modern nursing. Can you find out something new from researching on the museum’s website?


We also explored Florence’s life by taking part in a listening experience in the classroom. We used drama to re-enact her life story.


In Science, we have been learning about different plants and seeds. We used magnifying glasses to help us sort different seeds. We used Venn and Carroll diagrams to help us to sort!