2LC 2018/19

Welcome to 2LC!

Autumn 1

We have had a very exciting start to Year 2! Our class have been re-telling the story of Snow White by acting out the main events using props. We used story maps to help us add detail to our re-tell, as well as adventurous language. 

Have a look at the photos of us acting out the story for the first time! We had a great time dressing up and pretending to be the different characters. Can you practise re-telling the story in order?


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London! What can you find out about this historical event?

We used drama in our workshop to help us re-enact the fire and find out more about the effect the fire had on London. 

Can you re-tell the events of the Great Fire? http://www.fireoflondon.org.uk/game/ 

We were visited by the London Fire Brigade! The fire officers taught us how to squirt water from the hose and which helmets to wear when on duty. We even practised tooting the engine’s horn!

We have just performed our class assembly about the Great Fire of London. Have a look at our fantastic acting in the photos!

2LC are amazing singers! We have performed at the Light Concert Hall near Euston station. We learnt lots of songs relating to the Great Fire and had a brilliant time singing, whilst watching actors re-enacting the events of September 1666.

Just like Thomas Farynor, we have been baking our own bread! We remembered to turn our oven off afterwards though. 

We joined in with the school’s Big Draw! We drew an outline of a dancer and then we coloured in a large background whilst listening and dancing along to some upbeat music!

A fire safety officer from the London Fire Brigade has been to visit our school! We asked lots of questions about fire safety and we learnt what to do if we hear a smoke alarm.

Autumn 2

Ahoy me hearties! We have been learning about pirates!

Image result for pirates

We have even designed and made pirate ships out of recycled materials.

We then applied what we had learnt to make pirate ships out of clay. After trying the clay ships out in some water, we discovered that clay wasn’t the best material to choose!

We have had a great time practising our winter show, Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate. Come and see our performance on Monday 17th December at 10am or 2pm!

Here is our favourite song from the show:

For our performances, we need to dress up as real pirates! Please bring in a costume from home to help you look more piratical!

Image result for pirate costumeImage result for pirate costumeImage result for pirate costumeImage result for pirate costume

Make sure all costumes are labelled please! 

We have been busy making posters and sticking them up around school! We have included different punctuation marks, sentence types and inverted commas for quotes. Can you spot all of the success criteria that we included in our posters?

Please read our posters so that you know all about our school performance on 17th December! 

We have also had an amazing time using maps, acting out being a pirate, writing our own pirate stories and learning how to talk like a pirate! We have written letters to Pirate Pete to teach him how to brush his teeth properly, so that he doesn’t get scurvy!

We have been visited by the circus! Have a look at our pictures from our circus skills workshop. We really enjoyed being clowns and learning to walk on a tightrope. 

Our Year 2 class party will be on 20th December. Please see our courtyard gate over the new few days to sign up to bring some food / drink to our party! 

Here are some photos from our incredible pirate performance!