3CM 2017/18



Autumn 1

We have had a busy start to our new year and have settled in really well to the beginning of Key Stage 2. We all said that we like our new view over the field now that we are upstairs and we are loving our new playground!

We have got stuck straight into our new topic which is Ancient Egyptians and have been enjoying our class book, Jeremy Strong’s ‘There’s a Pharaoh in the bath tub’. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about how they lived in ancient Egyptian times and even some more disgusting facts about mummification as well as creating some fantastic art work.

We have also been very active! We were lucky enough to take part in a dance workshop where we got to put a dance together as a whole class, and in P.E we have been practicing different movements and experimenting with different ways to balance whist showing some great team work!

Autumn 2 

This second term has been equally crammed full of fun and exciting activities. Our new topic was Stone Age, which has been very interesting learning about how life was during this time and how different the people would have been.  We have read lots of different books and stories based on Stone Age people and have had lots of fun retelling stories and creating cave paintings just like the ones historians and geologists have discovered.

This term we had a visit from the Mad Scientists who showed us how to create tornadoes in bottles, and we were delighted to welcome Steve, Fred’s dad, into class to talk to us more about our science topic ‘Rocks and Soils’, and talk to us about what geologists do.

We have also been so lucky to have had two theatre trips, firstly to see Beowulf at the Unicorn Theatre, and most recently we visited the brand new Theatre Peckham to see a fantastic children’s production of Cinderella Shoeshine.

Spring 1 

A swift but very busy beginning to 2018, this term our topic has been Royals and we have been lucky enough to go on two Royal excursions. First, we visited Kensington Palace and enjoyed exploring the different rooms and gardens and had a lovely winter picnic in Hyde park. Most recently, we took a Royal tour of some of London’s sights where we got to be our own guides and share all of our information and facts with our groups.

As this half term draws to a close, 3CM got to enjoy designing and making our own crowns and celebrating a Class Coronation, we even got to sample some Victoria Sponge.

Spring 2

Yet again the term has flown by but not without us cramming lots of fun and excitement in. We started term by celebrating Chinese New Year which fell in the Half Term break on the 16th February, and to see in the Year of the Dog we took part in a dance workshop.

We also got a chance to share all our learning from the previous term with the rest of the school in an assembly based on our Royal Topic. We shared lots of facts and information and got to act out Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation and the street parties that people had to celebrate.

This term’s topic was Spain, we looked at Spanish traditions and found out about life in Spain. We got to host our own weather report about the Cooler North and the Sunny South even persevering through our own Beast from the East.

Science week was packed with activities, we looked at insects and bugs we would find nearby and their habitats and then entered the ‘Bug Hotel’ competition, we got to meet the Mad Scientist who did some really cool things with dry ice and we carried on with our terms science topic of light to investigate how shadows can vary depending on the distance of the light source.

Now time for a well earned break, wishing you all a fantastic holiday and looking forward to welcoming in the Summer Term.