3LB 2017/18

Welcome 3LB!

Autumn 1

This term, we are learning about ‘Ancient Egyptians’. Look at our amazing Egyptian portraits! We have even included our names in hieroglyphics.

This term, we visited The British Museum to view the Ancient Egyptian Galleries, as part of our topic unit. We spent the day looking at Ancient Egyptian statues, carvings and artefacts!

Autumn 2

This term, we are learning about the Stone Age. Here we are on topic day!

Herbert’s mum Winnie came in to show us an Australian snake skin! Wow! We also presented our topic homework!

Here are our amazing Stone Age landscape pastel drawings! We dressed up as cave people!

Spring 1

This term, we are learning about the Royal Family Here we are Kensington Palace!

We went on a ‘London Walk’ to see many royal monuments and buildings. We had a great day being London tour guides!

Lyla’s mum Manjinder came in to speak to us about Sikhism! It was so interesting to see how people practice Sikhism in 2018.

Here we are at 3LB’s coronation!

Spring 2

Here we are at our Chinese dance workshop!

This term, we are learning about Spain! Here we are doing Spanish weather forecasts!

At the end of the term, Herbert is moving to Australia. We will really miss him! Have a great time Herb!

Summer 1

This term, we are learning about ‘Animals including Humans’ in science. Here we are at the Horniman Museum, looking at all of the exotic taxidermy animals from around the world!

Here we are at the Herne Hill Velodrome during bike week!

Summer 2

Here we are at Camberwell Green enjoying tasty ice lollies. We had just been to see ‘The House Fairy’ at Theatre Peckham!

Here we are at the Science Museum!

Here we are at Carnival!

3LB had a great year together!

We wish everyone a safe and happy summer holiday!