3LS 2018/19

Welcome to 3LS!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, and we are looking forward to having lots of fun with our learning this year!


Nature Garden and Henri Rousseau

We have had a fun start to our term already! We went on a hunt in the nature garden to find lots of interesting leaves to help us make backgrounds for our animal pictures. We were looking at Henri Rousseau’s paintings of the jungle, and created our animal pictures inspired by his! We will be showing our pictures at the Art Exhibition in October.

School Photos

We had our school photos taken, and had fun pulling some funny poses!

Our Topic – Ancient Egyptians

This half term, we are looking at the Ancient Egyptians. We started off our topic by using Now>Press>Play to fully immerse ourself in the life of an Ancient Egyptian. We were chosen to be the scribe that accompanies Tutankhamun to the afterlife, and explored the inside of the pyramid.

We have been reading The Story of Tutankhamun by Patricia Cleveland-Peck, and have learnt lots about the boy prince already!

Click here to find out some more fun facts about Ancient Egyptian history!