3LW 2018/19

Welcome to 3LW!

We hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for all that year 3 brings!

We are looking forward to learning, laughing and enjoying this year with you. Miss Witchell and Ms Doherty.



We have a great term to look forward to and we’ve already had an exciting start! Only one week down and we have already been very busy! We all went on a leaf hunt in the nature garden, which helped us create backgrounds for our animal pictures, we looked at Aboriginal Dot Art, Collaboritive Art and Henri Rousseau’s Jungle collection, our final ‘Animal Art’ pieces will be going into the Art Exhibition in October.

We had fun practising being models and striking poses for our school photos, we also jumped right into our new topic – Ancient Egyptians, by taking part in an interactive story using ‘Press Play Now’, making our own journey into the Underworld and preparing mummies for the Afterlife. Our class text – The Story of Tutankhamun by Patricia Cleveland-Peck, has prompted many discussions, how do you think Tutankhamun died? Murder, Accident or Illness? All of this and we have also been exploring the properties of mangnets and forces in our science lessons. So we have started our new year running! What a fantastic start to everyone!

Trip to the Brisitsh Museum

We had a great time at the Bristish Museum, looking at and sketching all of the Ancient Egyptian artefacts! We found many different hieroglyphics within great statues of pharaohs and gods, there were large murals from inside tombs, telling stories of their gods and kings. We saw real mummies and various sarcophagi, we even saw the actual Rosetta Stone.

Big Draw 2018

Big draw this year was all about music. We had great fun creating a disco dance floor. We began by drawing out disco figures, to do this we had to pose and freeze in our best dance move for our partners to draw, we then cut them out. Later we all went to the hall, were music was playing to help us get into the right rhythm. We used a range of mediums, such as crayons, marker pens and pencils, to create patterns on large paper that was on the floor. Once we had created our colourful patterned dance floor we stuck our dico figures over the top.


This term we have been having weekly recorder lessons with Mr Clark from the Southwark Music Service. We have learnt how to play many notes on the recorder, such as G, B, A, C and D. We are now using these to play fun tunes, such as B A Dood, Stipey Cat and Mary had a little lamb. Here’s a little reminder of the notes to help you practise at home!

The Stone Age

Our topic for our second half of the term is The Stone Age. We have been reading a range of texts, fiction and non-fiction to help us understand and learn about what life could have been like. In our topic lessons, we have looked at timelines and artefacts, thinking about what tools they may have had and how they made them. We also researched Stonehenge, a famous pre-historic monument in Wiltshire, made of stone. We discussed how it was made and what it may have been used for. We also created sketches and collages of Stonehenge.

We had another fun adventure using Now Press Play, this time we became hunter gatherers, we learnt how to use a bow and and went searching for food. We also met different clans men and decided to join our clans to share our skills.


Our Science topic this half term is Rocks, which links great with our topic of the Stone Age. We have made lots of observations, using scientific vocabulary, looking at their properties and sorting rocks into different groups. We also carried out investigations to find the strongest rock or the best rock for a particular use. We learnt about the three main types of rock, sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous, and how they are created. We have also looked at a range of fossils and how they were created, we then went on to become paleontologists, searching for fossils, sketching fossils and createing our own fossils using a range of mediums.

RE Day

For our RE day we learnt all about Judaism. We learnt about key beliefs, religious symbols, places of worship and sacred objects. We learnt about the story of Hanukkah and what dreidels represent. We also made dreidels and Hanukkah cards.


December has been a ver busy month, we have had great fun learning our songs for the carole concert, which went brilliantly, thank you to all that came. We were also lucky enough to watch some fantastic performances, the EYFS Nativity play and Year 2’s pirate play, Pint Size Peg. All of which were wonderful, everybody worked so hard and did a great job.

Last of all was our class party, we all danced the afternoon away and ate lots of party food, to celebrate everybodies hard work this first term! Everyone has put in so much effort and we have achieved a lot! Well done 3LW.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, cards and gifts, we hope you have a wonderful holiday and we will see you in the new year! Miss Witchell and Ms Doherty xx