3LW 2018/19

Welcome to 3LW!

We hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for all that year 3 brings!

We are looking forward to learning, laughing and enjoying this year with you. Miss Witchell and Miss Doherty.



We have a great term to look forward to and we’ve already had an exciting start! Only one week down and we have already been very busy! We all went on a leaf hunt in the nature garden, which helped us create backgrounds for our animal pictures, we looked at Aboriginal Dot Art, Collaboritive Art and Henri Rousseau’s Jungle collection, our final ‘Animal Art’ pieces will be going into the Art Exhibition in October.

We had fun practising being models and striking poses for our school photos, we also jumped right into our new topic – Ancient Egyptians, by taking part in an interactive story using ‘Press Play Now’, making our own journey into the Underworld and preparing mummies for the Afterlife. Our class text – The Story of Tutankhamun by Patricia Cleveland-Peck, has prompted many discussions, how do you think Tutankhamun died? Murder, Accident or Illness? All of this and we have also been exploring the properties of mangnets and forces in our science lessons. So we have started our new year running! What a fantastic start to everyone!