4VG 2017/18

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Science – The Digestive System 

Our first Science topic in the Autumn Term was ‘The Digestive System’, so we kicked off by learning about the different teeth we have and their functions. We carried out an investigation to see which drink is most damaging to our teeth. Surprisingly, no one volunteered to put their tooth in a bowl of Coca Colal, so we used eggs as a model – the shell representing the enamel that protects the inside of the tooth. We left 6 eggs in different drinks for a week – Coca Cola, Boost energy drink, orange juice, milk and pink Lucozade. Can you guess which drink did most damage to the egg shell?

Vikings at the British Museum

In October, we visited the British Museum as part of our ‘Vikings’ topic. We saw some interesting Viking artefacts such as jewellery, weapons and tools. We marvelled at the good condition of some of these items considering their age!

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‘London at War’ at the Imperial War Museum

In November, we visited the Imperial War Museum as part of our ‘London at War’ topic. It was a great way to learn more about evacuees and how families coped during the Blitz. We even sat inside a real Anderson shelter!

Dulwich Picture Gallery Project

Here are a few photos from our visits to the Dulwich Picture Gallery so far. We are taking part in a year-long project which involves a variety of workshops such as art appreciation, painting, storytelling and local history walks. We are really looking forward to the next series of workshops.

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Science – Electricity

This half term (Spring 1) we have been learning about electricity in our Science lessons. We had a lot of fun experimenting with basic circuits. What do you think we needed to make the bulb light?

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English – The Iron Man

We have been reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes this half term. Here are some photos of our ‘Farmers’ meeting’ where we discussed (in role, with our best west country accents) what should be done about the Iron Man. Some were very convincing with their plans to catapult him into space to be burned by the sun, or trap him in a hole and use him as a slave. I expect they’ll feel bad when we finish the story and they realise he’s the good guy.

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