5RS 2020

Welcome to 5RS , we spent the first two days getting used to each other, the new building and new systems,all of the children have been incredibly sensible and adapted to the changes really well.

Here we are in the playground having had our first PE session- the sensible and daft version.

We looked at the work of the Turner Prize winning artist Chris Ofilli and made our own portraits based on his vibrant style. We have called our exhibition, ‘Magic Me’, I think you will agree -they  are magic!

Our topic this term is Roman Britain- we spent an afternoon, placing the Roman Empire within a timeframe of world events -from the beginning of the Egyptian Empire to the Space Race. We got to grips with BC and AD and then worked in small groups to make our own timelines of key events within the Roman era.

Some Strange goings on in the nature garden! Bands of Iceni Warriors on the loose !

Some amazing Roman and Iceni Style shields. The Roman shields were often painted red – the colour of Mars the God of War and included his symbol- lightening bolts. We have imagined our own Iceni shields – using blue or purple to represent the – blue war paint made from the plant dye ‘woad’ and used symbols such as the moon, the horse and the frog – the symbol of the ancient Goddess Nemain who personified the havoc of war.

New corridor displays up in the year 5/6 building – thanks to contributions from all the year 5 classes- Iceni and Roman style shields.

PSHE/History display from our work on Role Models which focussed on role models from The Windrush Generation and their descendants – we chose to consider the work and contributions of Professor Dunkley Bent (OBE) – Chief Midwifery Officer -who has dedicated 31 years of her life to the NHS -improving Maternity care – many years at Kings Hospital in South London, Baroness Scotland QC- at 35 -the youngest female QC and currently General Secretary for the Commonwealth, Dr Benjamin Zephaniah – poet, writer, playwright and animal rights campaigner and Dr Mark Richards – Physicist and co-founder of  Duval Technologies -which specialise in environmental technologies – he is also a DJ and has his own record company ! A group of truly amazing role models.

We looked at the work of environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy and were inspired to make some autumn leaf mandalas in the Nature Garden today.