6CR 2017/18

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Winter Splash performance at the Royal Festival Hall

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Autumn 1

We started off the term with an action-packed Art Week and we have created some amazing self portraits using different mediums that you will see up around the school shortly.

Our topic this term has been Ancient Greece. We saw a whole range of Greek art and artifacts on our trip to the British Museum. A highlight this topic was getting to taste and critique a range of Greek foods.

In English, we have loved writing our own Greek myths based on Theseus and the Minotaur. We have also written some amazing poetry and postcards using descriptive language.

We have explored the way that light travels and reflects in Science, throughout a number of practical investigations.

We made Greek thaumotropes (an early form of animation) as part of Art Week.

In DT we designed and made Greek sandals out of a range of materials chosen for their properties.

Autumn 2

In Science we have been studying Evolution and Inheritance. Our trip to the Natural History Museum was a great success. We went to an Evolution workshop and loved seeing the different skeletons and fossils of various species.

Our own experiment in the Nature Garden hunting for ‘coloured worms’ proved the theory of Natural Selection as the brightest ‘worms’ were found first.

The Mayan topic has been great fun. We particularly enjoyed weaving Mayan inspired ‘God’s Eyes’.

For Enterprise Week, 6CR designed and printed some amazing tote bags with all sorts of different neon geometric prints to be sold at the Winter Fair.

In English, various versions of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ inspired our formal writing, culminating in a very stern Judge and jury trying the wolf in our very own courtroom.

Spring 1

Attempting origami as part of our Japan topic proved rather tricky but we managed to help each other figure it out.

We had an excellent tour of the Japan gallery at the V&A museum, including trying on a kimono!

Our amazing artwork based on the work of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai can be seen up on display in school.

A junior citizenship trip to a local fire station involved role-playing how to stay safe in a number of different scenarios.

In Science, we designed circuits for a purpose when building a working model of the Tokyo Sky Tower.

Our beautiful hand-painted Japanese fans can be seen up on display on school.

Spring 2

6CR really enjoyed our dance workshop to celebrate Chinese New Year.

A group of Year 5 and 6 students went on a special trip to the Olympic Park to see the International Table Tennis World Cup. We saw some incredible table tennis and even got to have a go ourselves!

Well done to all of the students who made it in to school during the snow this week! We made snowmen and even got to have a virtual ‘go’ at some Winter Olympic events in the classroom.

Science week was great fun. We enjoyed our ‘Mad Science’ workshop, making phone speakers and bug hotels, which are now in the Nature Garden.

The whole class joined in with the track run for Sports Relief. Well done to all students who raised sponsorship money for the charity.

Summer 1

The whole class worked incredibly hard leading up to and during their SATS tests.

We celebrated the end of SATS week with a well-deserved trip to the park.

The last week of the term included lots of artwork, some outdoor maths investigations and a trip to the BMX track for Bike Week.

Summer 2

Our reward trip to Chessington was absolutely brilliant and even the teachers were brave enough to try the rollercoasters!

We decided to culture our own yoghurt for this year’s Masterchef (linked to our Science topic on microbes earlier in the year). We were (nearly) all brave enough to try it and we ended up winning the competition!

Our school journey to Bournemouth was so much fun! The sun shone for the whole 3 days and we loved the quad-biking, climbing, aquarium, arcades and of course – the beach!

All of the children worked really hard on our ‘Alice in Wonderland’ costumes for Carnival as part of our Fairytales theme and looked amazing.

The year 6 performance ‘Cinderella Rockerfella’ (a modern pantomime) involved a great deal of hard work. There were acting, singing and dancing rehearsals as well as plenty of behind-the-scenes prop/costume-making so everyone was involved in making it such a success.