6MS 2018/19

Welcome to 6 MS

We started the year with an art project. The theme is animals. We look forward to seeing you at the forthcoming exhibition.


Our topic is Ancient Greece. We started work straight away , using the atlas to investigate the geography of the country. We also visited The British Museum to examine artefacts. We learnt a lot about  daily life  in ancient Greece and the stories told in myths.

We have done a lot of work!

A wonderful Trojan horse complete with a hidden door in the base was made for homework.

In computing we thought about how to stay safe on-line. When publishing poems about Greek mythological creatures we learn how to put an image in the background.


In science we visited the nature garden to measure the light levels in different areas. Through the year we will investigate the relationship between the amount of light and plant growth.

We have been using our Light topic to practice working with variables.

In PE we have been developing our ball skills and tactics through basketball.

In RE we have been looking at Holy Books

To celebrate the end of our Ancient Greeks topic we had a Greek day! We baked Greek biscuits and tasted a range of Greek foods.

We also designed and made a Greek Sandal.

For Big Draw we listened to some disco music and drew each other in dance poses. The silhouettes were then stuck onto a  background of collaborative mark-making.