Class 3MS

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Welcome to 3MS!


Summer Term

This half term our topic is  Creepy Crawlies 

garden1  garden6garden5garden4garden3garden2

We visited the nature garden to look at insects and find out which habitats they prefer…..

worm worm1

Then set up a wormery in class…

print1 print2

and made prints of insects.


web1 web

In literacy we read How Anansi Got The Stories and made spider webs.

peach peach2

Whilst working on James And The Giant Peach we used all of our senses to investigate peaches.

decision drama drama1

We used drama to explore the characters and the reasons for their actions.

pie chart 1 pie chart

In science we looked at the diet of different animals……

skeleton skeleton1 skeleton2

How our skeleton and muscles work…..


and tested our reaction times.

During Science Week we made  Whizzy Washing-up Liquid Boats and won!

boat boat1 boat2 boat3

It was a lot of fun and made us ask a lot of scientific questions.





We have a room with a new ceiling, new blinds, a new book corner and a new Smartboard! Lucky us!

This half term our topic is Ancient Egyptians and our science focus is Magnets and Forces

We have been finding out about the Egyptian Gods.Their exotic headgear shows their status.

We worked together to paint large pictures of the Gods.


The results look great!


We are learning how to use headings and sub-headings in our non-fiction writing. First step , sort the information into categories .Working in a group helps!

In science we learnt how to use a Newton meter to measure force.

Then we looked for a way to move a tub,keeping the force used the same each time, so the test will be fair.

It was great fun investigating how far the tub moved on different surfaces!


Well done to everyone for your fantastic Egyptians Homework!

Autumn Term – 2nd half

Welcome to the Stone Age!

timeline 1       timeline2  timeline 4timeline3   Our time line stretched across the classroom and involved some huge numbers!

We looked at Stone age weapons and made some of our own.

weapons    weapons1  weapons2  weapons3  wepons4

Thank you to F@B for helping us to discover how the first ovens worked – our bread was very tasty.

bread bread1 bread2

In science we have been looking at rocks and soils.

stones stones1 stones 2

We looked at some fossils and then made our own models.

fossils  fossils2 fossils1

During enterprise week we mad necklaces and charms by decorating beads.

beads beads3 beads4 beads2

Our recorder playing is getting better and better.


We made a Christingle in RE


Well done to all those who have handed in this terms Topic Homework – the models made are truly amazing! It’s great to see parents supporting at home!

stone age homework 002 stone age homework 003 stone age homework 008 stone age homework 006 homework 10 homework 11 stone age homework 009


Welcome to Spring!

This half term we are looking at plants in science

planting     measure water  water plant  seedlings

We planted seeds , watered them and waited for them to grow.

spring1 021

We made a movie about the process.

in the dark plant evidence roots 2 roots

We tested to see which root shape took in the most water and the effect of light and water on rates of growth.

examining the blue blue carnation

We turned a carnation blue to examine the function of the stem.

timeline      colour mixing crowns1 crowns2

We made a timeline to show the events in the Queen’s life , painted portraits of famous Kings and Queens and made our own crowns.

flying dragon princess drama  labelling the evidence

We acted out the story of the Paper Bag Princess, then investigated the crime scene , bagged the evidence and recorded eye witness reports.

Castle day was great fun – we have a lot of budding engineers!

c4 c5 c6 c7 castle1 castle2 castle3

And yet more amazing homework!

expert builder 1 expert builder 2 expert builder 3 expert builder 4 expert builder 5

Spring 2 – 2015

This half term we are exploring the geography of Spain.

We made salt dough maps to show land height in the country

salt spain 1

Then we learnt about the major lines used on a globe and labelled our own

globe2 globe3 labelling globe

We looked at the work of Picasso and used it to inspire our own.

picasso picasso2

In science we have been finding and making shadows

making shadows 1 making shadows 2 see 2 seeing shadow hunt

A very busy Red Nose day saw us dress up as Super Heroes and tackle the obstacle course!

obstacle 1 obstacle2 red nose day red nose day