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Summer Term

This term we have lots to look forward to including school journey, our end of year production, theatre trips, horse riding and our topic ‘Moving On’.

moving on



Spring Term

Our topic for the first half of term is Japan!


We have been really busy learning all about the country. We have made Sushi, created origami animals, invented and made our own rickshaws as well as making and printing fans.



DSCF6131 DSCF6129 DSCF6128 DSCF6127











We visited Dulwich Picture Gallery and learnt how to draw with ink, we printed sea backgrounds and painted Japanese boats to create a Japanese inspired piece.

DSCF6122 DSCF6125 DSCF6124 DSCF6123 DSCF5844




We have been looking at art in religious buildings, we visited Southwark Cathedral and looked at the signs and symbols we could see. We used pastel and ink to draw the symbols then created a cathedral collage.

 DSCF5809 copy DSCF5801 copy DSCF5795 copy



We visited Southwark’s Junior Citizen project to learn how to be good citizens!

DSCF5957 copy DSCF5955 copy


Build A Bike Workshop

Some of us have been really fortunate to be part of the build a bike workshop. Each week we learnt how to care for and mend our bikes. At the end of the project we were allowed to keep the bikes we fixed and cleaned!

DSCF5819 copy DSCF5827 copy DSCF5825 copy DSCF5821 copy



Our topic this term is SPLASH! We have already been really busy finding treasure down by the river Thames. We worked hard with the Thames Explorer project investigating the river and learning about its history. We took samples of the water to test to see how clean it really is!

Check out there website to learn more about the river

DSCF6069 copy DSCF6041 copy DSCF6040 copy DSCF6071 copy




Monet Paintings


We have also been learning about the water cycle, the famous artist Monet, his water lily paintings and the artist David Hockneys ‘Big Splash’.

20150325_102452 20150325_102445 20150325_102430 20150325_102418


David Hockney Drawings

20150325_102517 20150325_102505


Food Festival

For the F@B food festival we created African masks using newspaper and PVA glue.

20150325_102317 20150325_102348


Master Chef Food Film

Check out our Master Chef Food entry video. We  did not win but had loads of fun cooking our curry and making the film!



Autumn Term

We have already been really busy this term. In the first few days we worked really hard and produced some great artwork. We looked closely at a range of artists and styles to create our own portraits. Here are some pictures of our pop art portraits and African masks. We used bright bold coloured pen to create our pop art portraits and sketching pencil and sketching techniques to make our masks.


We used oil pastels to create portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo.

2014-12-09 14.43.19

2014-12-09 14.43.23


Our topic this term is Ancient Greece. We have already begun working hard and have learnt about Greek warriors. We will be visiting the British museum on Thursday September 25th to learn more about this fascinating topic!

If you want to learn more about the Ancient Greeks click the link below.

Ancient Greece

We used sugar paper and black pens to create Greek pots. Using clay we sculpted our own Greek masks.

20141209_144218 20141209_144125 2014-12-09 14.41.57 2014-12-09 14.41.45

2014-12-09 14.42.30

2014-12-09 14.43.09




Autumn 2

Our topic this half of term is The Mayan Civilisation. We looked carefully at the Mayan calendar then using paint created our own versions.



We used clay to make models of the Mayan Gods and multicoloured yarns to weave Mayan Gods eyes.

2014-12-09 14.40.53

2014-12-09 14.41.02

2014-12-09 14.41.14


2014-12-09 14.45.01


We recently visited Dulwich Picture Gallery where we took part in an art workshop. We learnt to use oil pastel and thinners to create drawings of trees in the style of Emily Carr .

DSCF5735 1DSCF5737 w

2014-12-09 14.43.59

 2014-12-09 14.44.09