Big Draw 2017

This year we made living lines. Look at our whole school drawing and see our lines move!


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Doodle Day

Friday 5th February was National Doodle Day. We raised over £200 for epilepsy and created some great doodles. The doodles are now on display outside classrooms. We also created giant doodles during assembly.

DSC00584 IMG_0036 IMG_0035




Art Exhibition

This year we created a huge school art exhibition and what a success it was. 610 pieces of art were framed and displayed in our school hall for two consecutive evenings. Parents were invited to view their children’s work and were even able to purchase a painting or two!



Each year we take part in The Big Draw This year the theme for our school was still life. We set up lessons all through the week and invited parents to visit our classes. We also created sketching hands that we have displayed along our school fence!




Last year the theme was landscapes. We worked together to turn our playground into a giant forest.

In addition to this our children worked with some artists to create some stunning abstract landscape photographs, videos and prints. Here are some examples of the photos year six took and a video year 5 made. We think our work is good enough to be displayed at the Tate!









Art at Bessemer

Our school is visually stunning and covered in children’s artwork. Our children create pieces of art to an incredibly high standard both in their classes and during artist led sessions. Our teachers teach a range of art forms including; drawing, painting, printing, felting, sculpture and textiles.

Children regularly work with artists especially during the summer term when we prepare for carnival.

art workshop