Home Learning Scheme

In a bid to help the children improve their mental Maths skills, the children are encouraged to practise their Maths at home through Bessemer’s Home Maths Rocket Scheme. The new National Curriculum places a huge emphasis on children knowing their number facts and our scheme is designed to encourage the children to practise and learn them at home with your support.

The scheme involves a ‘Rocket Card’. The card is split into 10 sections and it shows the progression of number facts as they are taught in the school from Reception to Year 6 (in sections 1-9). Each week the children’s Maths class teacher will give them a mental Maths objective to practise for homework (i.e. number bonds to 10, 2 times table). The children will then be tested on this objective in their Maths lesson on Friday mornings. Once they have completed the 3 objectives in a section (getting 10/10 in the test for each objective), they can colour the section in on the card in their Maths books and they will receive a certificate and a prize in assembly when a step is completed.

Bessemer Rocket Card

Ideas for Parents & Carers: Step by Step

1 – Steps 1 and 2

2 – Step 3 and 4

3 – Step 5 and 6

4 – Step 7 and 8

5 – Step 9 and 10


Please refer to the ‘Parents Workshop’ section of the school website and the school diary for any dates of future workshops.

Children problem solving in Maths