Music Lessons at Bessemer Grange

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Music plays an important part of life at Bessemer Grange. Each year group learn songs, listen to music and compose pieces of music using various instruments during each topic they learn about. In July 2013 we composed our very own school song which we sing each week in assembly.

Bessemer song final lyrics

Our year three children learn to play the recorders and are taught each week by a professional recorder teacher. In year four children are taught to play the ukulele and our year five pupils are taught how to play the samba drums. The year five samba band regularly perform in the local community. They have also performed at the Thames Festival and for the past three years at the City of London festival.

We run numerous music after school clubs which children have the opportunity to join, these include; Drumming, Violin, Keyboard and Guitar.

Each year our children perform at various music events. Recently our year six children performed Christmas Carols at the Festival Hall as part of a mass choir, year four children performed at Goldsmith College as part of a mass gospel choir. Year five performed at the Royal Festival Hall in Southwark Splash and our school choir sang at Jags singing festival. Look below to see some of the concerts we have performed in.

We often attend concerts and are lucky enough to have worked closely with igosepl and the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Check out this promotional video we helped make to advertise school workshop with Singology.

Singology Video

We are lucky enough to have three professional musicians working regularly at our school. During the school day they teach the following instruments to the following classes;

Year 3 learn the recorder


Year 4 learn the ukulele

Year 5 learn the samba drums

We have a small school choir who last year performed at the top of the Shard. Look out for photos of their new adventures this year.