Sunshine Class 2017/18

Welcome to Sunshine

Autumn Term


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We have been busy settling in to our new classroom and learning the names of our new friends.

We decided we needed some rules in Sunshine Class.  The rules Sunshine Class decided on are:

1.  We walk inside (we run outside)

2.  We use quiet voices indoors

3. We have kind and gentle hands

4. We listen to our adults

5. We look after our toys

6. We put our hands up on the carpet when we want to talk.

We also have some class targets which are to be able to say goodbye to our parent/carer without support, to be able to hang our coats or jumpers on our pegs and put our bookbags in the bookbag box independently and finally to learn the classroom rules.  If we achieve these and make good choices by following the rules Mr Parrot the puppet rewards us with stickers, treasure chests or our name being written under the sun.

We have been enjoying exploring our indoor and outdoor environment, we have been using mirrors to look at our face and paint self portraits, we have had a dance workshop where we joined in with a dance from the Wizard of Oz and we have been over to the nature garden to meet and feed the chickens.

Sunshine Class enjoyed Celebration Day. The theme was children from around the world.


This half term has been very busy, we have had a visit from an author called David Litchfield who came in to read his lovely book The Bear and the Piano and the Mad Scientists who taught us about Solids, Liquids and Gases. Our topic this term was the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  In Mathematics we looked at ordering objects by height and using the Mathematical language tall, middle size and short. We have also been adding two numbers to find the total in a variety of ways.  We have been mixing red, blue and yellow to make different colours and also finding out about Jackson Pollack and his interesting style of painting.  We loved Winter Jumper Day and finding out about the celebration of Christmas.