Welcome to 1AM!

I hope you had a fabulous summer break and are ready to learn lots in year one! We have had a fantastic start to the year settling into our new routines and responsibilities. We have been working hard on our art project, looking at Wassily Kandinksy and the different techniques he uses to create his artwork.

Our Autumn 1 topic is all about ‘Ourselves.’ Throughout this unit we will be looking at objects from the past and comparing them to the present- looking at how they have changed… Including us. We will be looking at superheros and how people in our lives have ‘superhero qualities’ also.

As we move into October, we will be looking at ‘Our Local Area’.


Our PE days will be on Monday and Thursdays. Please make sure you have your PE kit with you on these days.


This term has been a busy one!  We have been busy learning our routines and building our reading and writing stamina.

We started the term learning about superheros and ourselves and linked it with our own personal qualities.  We then looked at our local area and did a book study on the Naughty Bus in english, and the adventures that he went on.

In Mathematics we have consolidated our knowledge of number and place value to 10.  We have deepened our understanding and furthered our knowledge by using concrete materials and recognised that numbers can be made up in different ways by various objects and actions.

In Science we began to discuss the different seasons and how we track different weather patterns.  We made rain gauges and wind vanes.  We will continue to track the temperature and weather throughout the year and compare the weather patterns of the different seasons.

In history we began to talk about the past and present.  We looked at how people traveled around in the ‘olden days,’ compared to all of our modes of transport today.  We also enjoyed talking about the things that we did as a baby, and compared them to the things that we can do now.  We brought in photos and put them in chronological order, and made books about significant events in our lives and our journey to where we are today.



Autumn 2 

This term we have taken on many different roles including scientists, explorers, authors, illustrators, artists, mathematicians… the list is endless.

Through our topic lessons we looked at explorers in space and explored the continents of the world.  Through this we had a particular focus on the polar regions and Antarctica and how life there is different to ours.  We were lucky enough to get in contact with  Dr Frazer- a Scientist who had just returned home from Antartica through Miss Matheson.  We wrote letters to Dr Frazer and we were very excited when he replied to our questions via video message.

In Art we looked using different media, to create art works.  We had a particular focus on blending chalk pastels to create some amazing art work of the Aurora Borealis!

In science our focus was on the Properties of Materials.  We explored and grouped different objects out of what they were made of, and discovered that some objects were made out of more than one material.  We then explored the properties of these materials and described them with scientific language including flexible, transparent, rigid, smooth, rough etc.   Our task in Design and Technology was then to design a boat that floated, could hold marbles and create this out of suitable materials.   We tested these boats, then as good scientists do, adapted our designs based on our findings!

In English, our books this term included Billy and the Beast by Nadia Shireen, Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max and Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  Both have helped us to produce some fantastic writing.

Spring 1

We have been extremely busy in Year One for the start of 2020!

This term we started off by look at the book ‘Dear Greenpeace.’   We put ourselves in character and wrote a letter to Emily- the little girl in the story  on behalf of Greenpeace.  we then wrote some lovely poems about whales and discovered some very interesting facts.  Did you know that whales were migratory?

We finished the half-term with the fairy-tale ‘Hansel and Gretel where children again put themselves in character and wrote a diary entry to recount events from a particular day in the story.  We used our adjectives to really set the scene and make it feel like those reading our recount were really there.  We had the chance to make our own gingerbread, then design our own gingerbread house, decorate it and even got to take some home!

In Geography, we learnt, and will continue to learn about the four countries that make up the UK including their capital cities. We have also been looking at sustainability in the UK and what we can do to help combat overuse of plastic and the rise of Global Warming.

In Science, we have explored different types of animals in our Animal Rescue Centre and have enjoyed being scientists and classifying animals in different ways.  We looked at different characteristics of humans and animals and learned how scientist can group animals in different ways, including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians.  We have also learnt some new vocabulary such as vertebrate/ invertebrate, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore!

In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 50 and building these with varous objects.  We have developed our understanding of number and how many groups of ten there are and how many extra ones make up that number.  We have also do a lot of work on our number bonds to 10, then to 20.

We also participated in a ‘Collective Marathon’ to raise money for the Australian Bushfires.  We moved in different ways to represent different Australian animals.