1AS 2020

Welcome to 1AS 

We are so pleased to see everyone back at school with a big smile and lots of enthusiasm to start the new academic year. 

The children have settled back into the school routine well and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with friends, exploring their new classroom and feeling grown up being in Year 1 now!



Our first topic this term has been ‘All about me’ looking at the book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have traveled to outer space (via Google Earth) to see what our planet looks like from space. We have discussed and written about all the wonder things on Earth, such as The Northern Lights, Whales, Ruskin Park, beaches and sunsets. As well as writing suggestions about what to do on Earth if you had never been before: “On Earth you can swim with dolphins,” “On Earth you can stand under waterfalls,” “On Earth you can ride a horse.”

We used oil pastels to create self portraits…


We have been busy in Maths, sorting and counting objects. We have also reminded ourselves that for counting objects we can use these strategies to help us:

*Put objects in a line

*Touch objects as you count and count slow

*Always check

COOL Time (Choose Our Own Learning)

During COOL time we explore the different areas in the classroom, this is our opportunity to access our own learning. For example we use the concrete resources in the Maths area to sort into colours and shapes. In the writing area we use the sound mats to independently write a letter, a message or a post card.