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Autumn 1

Welcome to the 1JM web page!

We have had an amazingly positive start to the year. The children have settled into their new routines.

Our Autumn 1 topic is all about ‘Ourselves’.  Throughout September, we will be looking at significant events and objects from the past through our ‘Superhero’ topic.  As we move into October, we will be looking at ‘Our Local Area’.


Please ensure your child has a complete change of clothes, including shoes and warmer clothing for the winter months. Please ensure your child’s kit is always in school on their PE day so that they can take part. P.E takes place on a Monday.

This term has been a busy one! The children have become accustomed to life in year one and are enjoying their learning.

In English the children have been reading the Naughty Bus, a book about a toy bus who gets up to lots of mischief. The class have loved writing about the misadventures of the Naughty Bus and this has been evident in their work.

In mathematics the children have consolidated their understanding of place value within ten. This understanding has been embedded through the use of concrete resources.

In science the children have been studying the weather and seasonal changes. The children have created rain gauges and wind vanes to monitor the weather.

Autumn 2

During the Autumn 2 term we learnt about the explorers of the polar regions. Like intrepid explorers, we went on an adventure to the nature garden and mapped the area.

In maths we have been adding and subtracting single digit numbers.

In English the children studied Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. The story is about a boy and a penguin who go an adventure to Antarctica. This linked very nicely to our topic!

I would like to wish all families a Happy New Year.

Spring 1 

This term the focus was on looking after our planet. The children became eco-warriors as we waged war on single use plastics. Rather than throw plastic away, we reused it to make make art.

In English the children read “Dear Greenpeace”, a book which contains a series of letters sent from a little girl to Greenpeace.

In Maths the children studied teen numbers. They learnt that these numbers can be made of a group of ten and some extra ones.