1LC 2016/17

Welcome to 1LC!

We’ve had a wonderful start to the term.

We have been exploring the different areas in the classroom, including our construction, creative, writing and café role play areas. We have also been playing with the water and sand in the outdoor courtyard, and we look forward to using this area more for our learning in the future!

We have also been really excited to meet and make friends with our new class members.

In English, we have been reading the story ‘Mr Big’ and had a go at sequencing the story using drama, props and story maps. We will also be writing letters to  Mr Big to invite him to our jazz band!

In Maths, we have been ordering numbers and identifying one more and one less than a number.

In Topic, we will be learning more about ‘Our Local Area’ and finding out more about how the place in which we live is diverse and exciting. We have sent home Topic Homework so that you can have a go at extending our learning at home. Please try to complete a few of the activities and bring these in to school at the end of term to showcase.

Our PE slots are on Monday (outdoor / afternoon) and Thursdays (morning / indoor). Make sure to bring your PE kit on these days, including appropriate shoes.

Please continue to read at home as much as possible. We will be changing books that are taken home at least once a week. We will also be sending home Reading Eggs and Mathletics log-ins for you to practise and have fun with at home!

If possible, please could you bring in any recycled materials that you have collected at home so we can use them for junk modelling. If any grown up would like to come and help in the classroom, that would be brilliant, especially for extra reading and creative activities.

We are all really excited about the term and year ahead!


Spring Term!

In Spring Term, we began our new topic ‘Looking after Our World’. We looked at the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover). We designed posters that promoted looking after our environment using the computers to practice our clicking, dragging and typing skills. We also looked at the importance of green spaces in urban areas. We visited Green Dale by school and spotted lots of animals including foxes, snails and birds! Unfortunately, we heard about plans to build on this green space so we have been writing letters to the council to try and preserve this area for the local community. In Geography, we have also learnt about the continents and the oceans and made paper mache globes. Thank you to everyone who brought in their topic homework, it was amazing to see all your hard work!

In English, we looked at the book ‘Dear Greenpeace’ which was the story of Emily who found a whale in her pond! We did lots of research about whales and created a fact file all about them. We even wrote our own letters to Greenpeace telling them all about whales. We also learnt all about Granny, the oldest known killer whale in existence. We have also visited Dulwich Library again and have some new library books for our classroom.

In Maths, we have been concentrating lots on place value, addition, subtraction and shapes. We have been also been using numicon to help us make total amounts in different ways. We have even tried lots of problem solving, including Sudoku.

In Science, we have been looking at ‘Animals including humans’. We have been studying all about the different types of animals in our world and categorizing them. We have also learnt about the terms omnivore, herbivore and carnivore. We labelled our body and found out about the ‘fives senses’ through doing various investigations around them, including having to taste test all sorts of different weird flavours – safe to say some of us certainly didn’t like the Marmite!

In RE, we have been studying Sikhism, we made some beautiful mosaic Khandas to decorate our classroom.

Looking ahead, on March 2nd it is World Book Day. Year One are looking at the Elmer Books by David McKee. 1LC are busy making our costumes. We have been talking in class about how everyone is unique and how we should celebrate our differences!

We have also started our new topic ‘Toys’. Take a look at the toy museum that we created in class complete with our own labels!

Don’t forget it is Red Nose Day on 24th March, when we can come to school dressed in our pyjamas. We are all very excited for the term ahead and especially the trip to the Museum of Childhood!


Summer Term!

This term, our topic has been ‘Amazon Adventure’ and ‘Let’s Celebrate’. We have begun this term by creating Rousseau inspired artwork on the laptops as well as using wax crayons, paint and water colours, looking carefully at mixing different secondary colours, using tones and shades in order to bring the rainforest to life. We were also really inspired by our trip to the Horniman looking at all the different animal habitats.

In English, we looked at several books on the themes of the rainforest and reptiles. We very much enjoyed ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and ‘The Mixed-Up Chameleon’. We have been doing lots of drama and have been acting out the story to help us learn it. We also have drawn story maps and retold the story, adding in new characters to make them our own. We also enjoyed a fantastic week looking at different poetry such as Kennings and acrostic poems and created our own ones about different reptiles.

In Science, we are looking at plants. We have been spending lots of time in the nature garden and our courtyard, naming, identifying and observing trees, plants and flowers and we will be growing our own sunflowers! We also conducted an ongoing experiment investigating which seeds grow the tallest plants (for the Wild Things to have their rumpus in!) and found out that runner beans were the tallest!

We have also really enjoyed researching reptiles for our carnival theme. We have been making t-shirts, masks, clay lizards (including our own animations using them!), paper plate snakes and musical instruments for the big day. We have also been improving our computing skills using word processing software to create fact files and invitations. We can’t wait to show you them on Friday 14th July!

We are also really excited for our Ukulele concert next week and look forward to showing you how much we have learnt in music lessons.

Well done to all the children for a fantastic year and for all the hard work. We are all very proud of you!