1SB 2018/19

Welcome to 1SB!

We have had a busy start to the year and the children have settled in really well. Our learning is well underway and we have started our English by looking at ‘Mr Big’ by Ed Vere. Our topic is ‘Our town – My local area and me’ and we will be looking at seasonal change in science.

As part of our learning about our local area, we went for a local walk. Do you recognise any of these places?

In Science we are learning about the seasons. As it is Autumn, we collected Autumn leaves. We used them to create our own ‘Autumn leaf pictures’.

We went to Sainsbury’s to look at the fruit and vegetables. Can you see anything you haven’t tasted before?

Do you know how to be safe on the roads? We watched a road safety show to help us understand how to cross the road safely. It was great fun and we learned a lot from it.

Superhero day was a huge hit with all of us. Lots of children and parents worked really hard to make their superhero costumes at home and we all had fun. Well done to those who managed to include spots for Children In Need into their costumes too!

We visited St Faith’s church as part of our RE day learning about Christmas for Christians.

We’ve had a busy first term in year 1 and are looking forward to January. Wishing you all a great Christmas break.

We’ve had a busy half term in year 1. We have coped very well with our formal learning and have had busy days. 1 of our highlights has been having our class assembly. We got to share some of our work about Hansel and Gretel including re-telling the story as a whole class, sharing some of our writing and showing what we had done in PE.

We had a dance workshop. We had a visitor who came and worked with us to out dance moves to music. We had great fun!

We had a fantastic, fun afternoon today. Some students and a teacher from Dulwich College and JAGS came to do some science with us. We did a few experiments first, seeing how different chemicals reacted together, then we looked at some animals and even got to touch and hold them if we wanted to!