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Autumn 1 2015 …

During art week we focussed on landscapes.

We made some countryside landscapes, inspired by David Hockney…


and some cityscapes using printing ink and poly-boards. Can you guess which city we chose? Which famous landmarks can you spot?

First we created a water colour background to look like the changing sky at sunset.

We etched our image onto poly-boards, then used rollers to cover them evenly with ink.

These are only our practice prints – the finished work is on display in our school, and will be shown at the Children’s Art Exhibition.

We went to St Paul’s Cathedral for a workshop on the Great Fire of London this term’s topic! We also walked to Pudding Lane to see The Monument !


Autumn 2 2015…

This term our topic is Pirates!

Our pirate workshop with the fearsome Captain Mary Read!

This year our Christmas production, ‘Treasure Island’, followed our pirate theme. The children did an excellent job and it was a great success. If you missed it you can watch the video by following this link.

Spring 1 2016 …

Last term 2AC won the prize for the best attendance in the Autumn Term out of the whole school! We held a vote about what our prize should be and ice skating won! We had a great time and some of us overcame our fears and improved our skills as well. We hope to win in the Spring Term so we can go again!


This term our topic is ‘Famous Faces’, and we shall be focussing on the impact Florence Nightingale had on our lives today. As part of this topic we will be visiting ‘The Florence Nightingale Museum’ and meeting Miss Nightingale!

We met Florence, dressed up as a nurse and a soldier, explored some historical objects and found out more about how Florence changed the hospital!

Spring 2

Welcome to Spring 2! This Term we have been learning about the Seaside, now and in the past.

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to the seaside in Brighton, where we collected some flotsam and visited the Pier.

Add Brighton snaps!!

We used our collected flotsam in Science to explore the properties of the types of materials that were washed up.

RE Day – Learning why Easter is important to Christians.

We were so lucky to have some lovely mums who came into to help us by running workshops during the day! 

In the morning we did a drama activity about The Last Supper, then in the afternoon we made chocolate Easter goodies to share with our loved ones (or eat all to ourselves!).

We also visited St Faith’s Church, where we heard more about the Easter story and some of the things Christians do during Easter week.