2HT 2016/17

Welcome to 2HT!

We have had a fantastic start to the year in 2HT.

As well as settling into our new classroom, we have started our topic this term which is ‘The Great Fire of London’. Everybody got involved in a wonderful drama workshop, which really brought the great fire to life!


We have also been inspired by the artist Monet to create an abstract interpretation of his water lilies by blending tissue paints and making tissue paper flowers as part of our art project. We are excited to invite you to the school exhibition so you can see our lovely wax and watercolour painting of flowers too!

Autumn 2

We have had lots of fun learning about pirates this term!

Here are some pictures we have drawn of a galleon ship. Enjoy!


If you did not get to see our performance take a look here!


This half term, we have had lots of fun learning about Florence Nightingale. We went to the Florence Nightingale museum, where we travelled back in time to meet Florence and took part in an interactive experience. We have also been using various computer programmes, such as Powerpoint, to  create fact files about the famous nurse as well as practising our portrait techniques to draw her. Next term, we are looking forward to learning all about the seaside!

Last half term, we went on a fantastic trip to Brighton where we learned all about life in a seaside resort and compared past and present features. We also made some Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures using the flotsam we found on the beach!

andy goldsworthy sculpture

Summer 2

This half term, we have been very busy getting ready for carnival. Our theme is fish,which has been a source of inspiration for lots of creativity. So far, we have printed scales, using a tessellated  pattern, onto our t-shirts and made masks. We are looking forward to showing off all our hard work next week!