2JW 2018/19

Welcome to 2JW!

Autumn 1

We have had an amazing start to Year 2!


In English we have been looking at traditional tales. First, we read the story of Snow White altogether then we retold the story using story maps and props to help us remember. Once we had committed the story to memory, we had a go at rewriting the story in our own words, trying to add exciting sentence openers and expanded noun phrases.

Here are some pictures of us in our groups, acting out the story of Snow White.


We started learning about different materials. So far we have sorted a variety of materials into categories such as hard and soft as well as considering our own categories to sort the materials.

Here are some pictures of us discussing how to categorise the materials.

Can you find some more materials in your home? What categories would they fit into?


We took a leaf out of Thomas Farynor’s book and became bakers for the day, fortunately we remembered to switch off the ovens!

Using our knowledge of 17th century London we created burning houses in school as well as many of us taking up the challenge of making them at home as part of our topic homework. Thank you to all the adults at home who helped with our amazing topic homework!

Trips and Visits

We have had some superb visits to school this term as well as going to sing at the Fire! concert.

On the bus home from the concert.

The fire service came to school and we had the opportunity to sit in the drivers seat, put on the helmets and even use the hose!

The fire service came another time and gave us a talk on fire safety. We now know all about fire prevention, smoke alarms and the importance of having a fire action plan at home which we discuss with our adults.

Autumn 2

RE day

At the very beginning of Autumn 2 we enjoyed an RE day learning all about Judaism, we tasted the apple and honey associated with Rosh Hashanah. Yum!


We have been looking at animals including humans this term, we advised Pirate Pete on the foods that he could take with him on an extended sea voyage. After monitoring these foods over the course of the term, we concluded that the banana would not be appropriate.


We also considered the exercises that Pirate Pete could use to keep fit, we experimented with different exercises and the effects they had on our bodies.

You may also have noticed the garlic we have planted in the courtyard for our investigation over time, can you spot any changes as the weeks go by? What changes do you predict we will see?

Pirate Play

Hopefully, you got the chance to see the fantastic performance of Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate. It was astounding to see the efforts taken to provide costumes and props as well as learning lines and practising song words at home. The children were absolutely fantastic and should be really proud of how hard they worked.

Trips and Visits

In order to get ourselves into theatre mode for our own play, we went to see Pinocchio at the Albany theatre, we have to thank the parent volunteers who came along too!

We also had a visit from the circus and played at being clowns.


We celebrated all our hard work this term with a class party, we had games, music and a copious amount of food. The children then initiated a conga line.

Spring 1


In topic this term, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale. In literacy we wrote descriptions of the terrible conditions at Scutari hospital as well as letters between Florence and her sister Parthenope. In art, we drew portraits of Florence and painted them according to Fauvist techniques. We were very fortunate to have a visit from Florence herself, she even brought with her some items from her days nursing in the Crimea. We acted as historians and explored the items.


As well as learning all about plants this term, we did an investigation on how to make the best sand castle. We hope this will come in handy later in the year during our trip to the seaside!


We had an exciting dance workshop where we learnt an Egyptian dance, what do you think of our moves?

Spring 2


We are very excited about our topic this term, which is woodland and nocturnal animals. In DT we created some finger puppets, can you spot yours?

Trips and Visits

We were extremely fortunate to be visited by a travelling zoo which contained woodland and nocturnal creatures from all over the planet. 2JW were completely fearless, holding giant spiders, slippery frogs and even touching a snake!

World book day

We celebrated world book day by dressing up as our favourite characters from books. We also had a visit from a guest author who read us some of her own stories. Do you recognise any characters?

Science week

This term we had science week, we visited a planetarium and took a virtual trip through the universe. In 2JW, we created our own lava lamp and built air propelled rockets. In order to build the rockets we had to use problem solving skills and team work. Here are some images of us building and testing the rockets.

RE day

Towards the end of this term we studied the easter story, this involved acting out the last supper and taking a visit to the local church.

Summer 1

Trips and Visits

At the beginning of this term we took a wonderful trip to the seaside town of Whitstable to get our seaside topic started. On the beach, we had a talk from the RNLI, created flotsam sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and hunted for seashells as well as having an ice cream of course!

Summer 2

RE day

For RE day we learnt about Hinduism and made coconut squares as many Hindus do during Diwali. YUM!

Artist workshop

For carnival, we had a visit from an artist who helped us to make some creatures to carry during the procession. We used old newspaper and recycled plastic to create the sculptures.

Trips and visits

It has been a very busy term for trips, we went to Tower Bridge as part of our English topic, the book Rosie Revere Engineer, we also did the bike trip in Dulwich park as well as going swimming!


We were fascinated by the topic for Carnival this year, Plastic is not Fantastic, we had lots of good ideas for how to reduce plastic use at home and in school as well as reusing some of the plastic we collected to make sculptures and musical instruments.