Welcome to 2JW!

We have had a super start to the year.

Autumn 1


In English we read the story of Snow White and retold it in groups, adding our own adjectives, sentence starters and conjunctions to make the story more exciting.


We learnt all about the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah, we tasted apples and honey as a symbol of a sweet New Year.


We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London in Topic this term. We learnt that their were certain factors which meant the fire spread quicker, for example the houses were made of wood and straw and were very close together. We used Lego to redesign the city of London, we considered what materials we would need to use and how far apart to put the buildings.

Trips and Visits

This term, we have been very lucky to have a workshop related to the Great Fire of London. A lady came in who was around in 1666 when the fire started and told us all about what she had seen. There was lots of audience participation and we learnt a lot!

Autumn 2

Pirate Day

We began the term as pirates and engaged in a number of piratical activites such as speaking like pirates and drawing pirates from observation.


In science we have been looking at Animals including Humans. This has involved studying what keeps us healthy such as food, exercise and hygiene. As part of the topic we looked at brushing our teeth and talked about how to maintain dental health.

We also investigated different foods and how long they took to go off. Can you spot any that have gone mouldy?

Trip to the National Maritime Museum

We enjoyed a super trip, we even pretended to be pirates by taking the boat to Greenwich.

Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate

At the end of term, we put on a spectacular performance, well done to all the children for their hard work!

Spring 1

Trips and Visits

Florence Nightingale herself came to visit us. She told us all about the conditions during the Crimean war in Scutari hospital. We had a go at being nurses, soldiers and hospital staff.

Spring 2

Although this term was cut a little short, we managed to pack a lot of fun filled activities in!


Our topic this term is nocturnal and woodland animals, to learn about these fascinating creatures we had a mobile zoo come to visit us.


Our science this term involved looking at animals including humans. We went to the nature garden to see how many different habitats we could find.

Science week

During science week we found out about the scientist Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of Kevlar, we had a go at creating our own substance- slime.

We also had another visit from some animals and learnt about classification.