2LB 2016/17

Welcome to 2LB!

Autumn term!

Well done everyone for settling so well in to our class! What a brilliant start to the year!

We have been using pastels and colour mixing with paint.

  We are learning about the Great Fire of London. We were so lucky to have a drama workshop, which helped us to explore the great fire in more detail. We have also been visited by fire safety officers, who have taught us more about how to be safe in our homes.

  We recently delivered an amazing class assembly to the rest of the school. We explained all about the Great Fire of London!

 All of year 1 and year 2 have been visited by John Kelly, who is a famous author! He gave us lots of great tips for how to write and illustrate our own stories!

Like Thomas Farynor, we have been learning to make our own bread! Have a look at our delicious, mouth-watering loaves!

We were lucky enough to visit Dulwich Library! We listened to a fantastic story, then chose our own books to read back at school! We can’t wait to visit again so that we can enjoy even more books!

We have been creating our own characters for a brand new fairytale! Do you like our clay characters?

In Science, we’ve been learning about materials! We learnt how to identify different materials and sort them into Venn / Carroll diagrams, according to their properties.

Well done to 2LB for dressing up as your favourite book character to help celebrate Book Week! We helped to raise a lot of money for our school, which will go towards buying exciting new books for us to read.

Our topic for Autumn 2 is Pirates! We were lucky enough to visit the Golden Hinde ship and help out on the ship. We had to raise the anchor, load the cannon and even sing some pirate songs!

To help us get ‘in role’ as pirates, we have written and typed up diary entries after our delicious feast! We took the opportunity to practise the use of past tense spelling rules and show off what we know about punctuation. Click on the links below to view some of our brilliant diary entries!



In Science, we have been learning about humans and animals, and how to look after our own health. We have even learnt how to look after our teeth!

We have been practising our Indian dance skills, since our amazing workshop!

To get ready for the Winter Fair, we decided to make and sell pirate ‘booty bags’ as part of Enterprise Week! First, we melted chocolate into coins, wrapped them in foil and cellophane, then added gems and glitter like real treasure! Each booty bag comes with a pirate warning though – open if you dare!







If you did not manage to see our winter performance of ‘Treasure Island’, please take a look here!

Spring term!

This term, we will be learning all about Florence Nightingale! What can you find out about her life and why she is famous? We were lucky enough to visit the Florence Nightingale museum at the start of the term, which helped us to become immersed in our topic. Have a look at the exciting things we got up to on our trip…

We also enjoyed a Now Press Play session, where we re-enacted some of Florence Nightingale’s experiences at home and in Crimea.

We recently visited Dulwich Library again! It was great to be able to enjoy storytelling time, as well as select our own books to bring back to school. We can’t wait to read our new texts!

In Spring 2, we will be learning about the seaside! We can’t wait to visit Brighton beach on 3rd March!

Can you compare beaches now and beaches in Victorian times?

Image result for beaches brighton  Image result for beaches in victorian times

We have been reading The Pea and the Princess by Mini Grey! It’s a story told by the pea, as he rolls from pod to palace! We have been retelling the story using conjunctions and exciting sentence openers. Have a look at the theatres and characters that we used to help us retell the story…

We loved dressing up as the BFG to celebrate World Book Day! We also met an author, Keilly Swift, who helped us to create our own characters for our stories.

We really enjoyed our trip to Brighton beach! As our new topic is the ‘Seaside’, we created Andy Goldsworthy inspired art using flotsam from the beach, compared natural and man-made resources and sketched how the coast line looks today. We were able to compare how it is today and how it was in Victorian times too!

During Science week, we made our own bubble blowers! We also created spaghetti towers, using just spaghetti and marshmallows. It was really hard to keep the tower standing up! We even had a ‘Slime Time’ workshop, where we made our own slime then put it on our heads!

Have a look at us on Red Nose Day! To raise money for Comic Relief, we wore our pyjamas all day and bought lots of noses!

Summer term!

We have been enjoying celebrating Healthy Week! We took part in a mindfulness session and went on a special bike trip to Dulwich Park, where we all worked hard to become better cyclists. Some of us even completed a loop of the whole park on our bikes!

Take a look at our latest class assembly!

We had an amazing time at our school carnival! It was so much fun to dress up as fish!

We really enjoyed performing our ukulele skills to lots of the Year 2 parents!