Welcome to 2LB!


Summer term 2016

We took part in a scooter workshop  to teach us about road safety! We really enjoyed learning to scoot safely.

We’ve been reading a trickster tale from Brazil called ‘Jabuti’. As the main character Vulture had been very cruel to poor Jabuti, we decided to send him to court to face a judge and jury! Well done to the wonderful actors and actresses in 2LB!

To help us re-tell the story of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, we created our own small theatres and characters. Have a look at our creations!

We really enjoyed the KS1 bike day! We loved practising our cycling skills and enjoyed lots of other games, too!

In RE, we used clay to make some fantastic diva lamps.


We’re learning about nocturnal animals!

To see some of the animals’ habitats, we went to visit the woodland at Sydenham Hill Wood.


Spring term 2016

We’ve loved looking after the school chickens! Look at us hard at work!

Look at us enjoying the obstacle course on Sports Relief! We raised lots of money for charity. 

We really enjoyed Science Week! We were able to create rockets, flying planes and make our own sherbet!

This is us on World Book Day. We dressed as our favourite book characters!

We have just been to the Royal Festival Hall to see the Philharmonic Orchestra perform! We enjoyed joining in with the songs and having the opportunity to watch live music.


We have been learning about the seaside! We visited Brighton beach to find flotsam, create our own Andy Goldsworthy sculptures and look at features of Victorian and modern seaside holidays. What can you find out about the West Pier in Brighton?

Look at some of our terrific photos from our trip!

This term, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale. We’ve been using drama to explore Florence’s experiences during the Crimean War, which was from 1853-1856. 

We have just performed our class assembly, which was all about the life of Florence Nightingale! Our assembly demonstrated the importance of Florence  as a historical figure and the impact that her work as a nurse has had on our lives today. What can you find out about Florence’s impact on modern nursing? http://www.florence-nightingale.co.uk/

Have a look at the photos from our fantastic assembly about Florence Nightingale!

Can you research more about Florence and the work she did at Scutari Hospital? 

We have also enjoyed a Now Press Play listening experience, where we were able to explore being Florence and live out some of her experiences before, during and after her work at Scutari Hospital. Have a look at our photos!

Autumn term 2015

We have been learning about two new artists: David Hockney and Paul Klee!

Have a look at our amazing Hockney and Klee inspired art work…

We also learnt about the Great Fire of London! What can you find out about this historical event?  http://www.fireoflondon.org.uk/game/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/civil_war_revolution/great_fire_01.shtml

We have also been learning about different materials in our Science lessons. Today we identified and sorted materials, then we made our own fairytale character out of clay to practise using scientific language such as twist, pull, push, bend and stretch.

Can you think of materials that can be twisted, pulled, pushed, bent or stretched? We tried to make a house out of some bonkers materials!

We tried to make a jelly door, butter roof and wooden windows, but we realised that some materials are better than others!

As we’ve now learnt that the Great Fire of London started by a baker, Thomas Farrynor, who forgot to turn off his oven, we thought we should have a go at making our own bread in a safer environment!

We decided to put in our own ingredients! Some of us used currants, honey, poppyseeds, sundried tomatoes, cheese and olives.

This week, one of our lovely parents ran a Great Fire of London workshop! We used drama to learn about Thomas Farrynor and Samuel Pepys. It was so fun to act it all out together! Thank you so much, Charlie’s mum!

We were lucky enough to go on a trip to find out more about the Great Fire of London! We went to St Paul’s Cathedral to learn about what the area and cathedral were like before September 1666. We also went to see the Monument on Pudding Lane. It was fantastic to see where Thomas Farynor’s bakery used to be!

Also this term, we have been learning about pirates! It was fantastic to use our geography skills to work out where famous pirates travelled around the world and we enjoyed reading the Pirate Cruncher story to help us learn different pirate behaviours!

In December, we performed our winter play Treasure Island! It was about naughty pirates who will do anything to get some treasure! The children were amazing and worked hard to make the show a success! Congratulations Year 2!


Have a look at our photos from our exciting drama workshop where we practised acting like pirates!