2LW 2017/18

Welcome to 2LW!

The class teacher is Miss Witchell and class TA is Miss Howard. 

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready to do lots of learning in year 2!


Autumn Term

Year 2 Production – Treasure Island!

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Part 2

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Part 6

What a great start to year 2! We have been busy.

In English we have been discussing different fairy tales, looking at their common features and characters.

We have also been learning the story of Snow White. To help us remember the events we have been acting the story out, as well as retelling the story using story maps, actions and props.

Our Topic this term is The Great Fire of London and we began by thinking of different questions we would like to try and answer.

We then looked at sequencing timelines to understand different historical dates. We found out that the Great Fire happened over 350 years ago. Here we are putting other events in chronological order.

In Science we have been looking at different materials and thinking about their uses. How useful do you think a paper umbrella would be? We started by sorting items into different categories, such as rigid or flexible, transparent or opaque and natural or manmade.

We recently had an investigation, looking at the materials Mr Bonkers had chosen to use to build his house and whether we thought they were suitable for the purpose. We all agreed that we could think of much better materials to use, rather than jelly for a door or feathers for the walls!

We have had some great opportunities this term to learn about and develop our understanding of the Great Fire of London. Here we are taking part in a Great Fire of London drama workshop. We learnt about how the fire started and spread through London, we even got to act out the different roles of people that were involved and present during the fire. We have some very good actors in our class.

We also used Now Press Play to have an audio adventure in class. We were transported back to Pudding Lane in 1666, where we had to listen to the story of a young child moving through the streets of London during the fire. We were all immersed and joined in to experience his journey, as we too helped to put the fire out! Great participation from all!

As well as learning about the events and acting them out, we also became bakers just like Thomas Farriner. We all planned and designed our loafs, then had lots of fun making and eating them. We then evaluated our bread, as to whether we thought it was successful! It went pretty quick, so I think we can confidently say we are great bakers!

A big thank you to everyone that came to take part and help us with our Big Draw afternoon, we had a great time practicing our sketching and blending skills to make thaumatropes based on the Great Fire of London.

Well done to everyone for a fantastic half term! Enjoy your break and we will see you soon.


What another busy half term we have had, jam packed full of learning and fun activities. We’ve even had visits from Authors and Scientists.

During Book Week we met Author David Litchfield, who read us his story, Grandad’s Secret Giant. Then during Science Week we had a workshop with some very ‘mad scientists’, who showed us different experiments using forces.

We took a trip to Dulwich Library, where we missed our bus! ūüôĀ But we finally got there and were able to listen to a story and then we got to select our own books to bring back to school.


For our topic this term we have had great fun learning about pirates, we have found out about famous pirates of the past and the ships they traveled in. We have done sketches of pirates and galleons as well as making model ships out of clay.

We even did a class assembly on pirates to show the rest of the school all of our fantastic learning.

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We had a great time on our school trip, first we had to get the train to London Bridge, then we walked to The Unicorn Theatre, where we really enjoyed watching their performance of the Velveteen Rabbit. Once we had finished at the theatre we went for a walk by the River Thames, we saw many sights including Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast.

For Enterprise week, year 2 decided to make tote bags to sell at the Winter Fair! We went through a research and design process, then we planned the final look of our bags. We had alot of fun playing with designs and creating our bags.

We also remembered to feed the chickens this half term!!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Spring Term

Welcome to 2018, We wish everyone a fantastic new year!

This half term we will be learning about a very famous lady who helped change the way of nursing. Her name is Florence Nightingale – the lady of the lamp.

We visited the Florence Nightingale Museum and enjoyed learning new facts about her life and the major influence she had on nursing, we were also able to see some of her belongings and other artefacts from the time. Did you know she had a pet owl name Athena?

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We also explored life in Florence’s time by taking part in a Now Press Play listening experience, where we became nurses and travelled to the Crimea.

For our second trip this term, we were invited to The Tate Modern to take part in a temporary Art Installation involving toys. The three-dimensional work is designed to transform the perception of a space, using carefully chosen lights and objects. Each child was asked to bring an old toy to add to the installation, thinking about its placement and the shadows they created. We also had time to look around the museum and tried out another art installation involving various swings. It was great fun!

We had great fun during World Book Day, dressing up and sharing our favourite books and characters. It just so happened to be snowing outside, so we all went outside to play in the snow, everybody loves a snow fight, even Ms Whitehead joined in!

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from ‘The spirit of the Wild’ animal company, where we took part in an animal workshop, we found out about different animals from all around the world. Some of us were brave enough to hold and touch them.

In R.E this half term we have been learning about Christianity and focusing on the Easter Story, we also learnt about the Last Supper and re-created it, pretending to wash each others feet before eating and drinking.

We all had great fun taking part in a Gamelan workshop today. Gamelan is the word used to describe an Indonesian orchestra made up mainly of tuned percussion instruments. We took in turns to play different instuments and learnt a traditional tune.

This term we also took part in Science Week, it was packed full of interesting activities and workshops, we got to make Bug Hotels, investigated how to save toy bears from ice and we also made slime!

Summer Term

Last term of the year and it’s going to be a busy one!

Our new topic this term is ‘The Seaside’, so for our first trip this term we spent a very sunny day at Bermondsey Beach. Here we collected flotsam and sorted it into man-made and natural resources, which links to our science topic. We also used the flotsam we gathered to create environmental art, just like artist Andy Goldsworthy, our sculptures were ephemeral also, which means they only lasts for a short time, as nature and the elements can change it.

In English we have been looking at the story, The Pea and The Princess, an alternative story told from the Pea’s point of view. The children loved re-telling the story using small puppets and a story setting. We had some great expression and emotion from our characters.

It’s been Healthy week this week and we’ve all been carrying out different activities to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Each morning we did a fitness activity, such as dancing or yoga, which helped us to get our minds working, allowing us to focus and keep concentration throughout the day and during our learning. We had a dance workshop, a run arounds the sports field and we also took part in Bessemer Masterchef, where we had to create a healthy breakfast using super foods and an advert to go with it. We made ‘Berry Bonanza Breakfast Muffins’, although I don’t think the judges liked them very much, as we didn’t win! We ended the week with a sponsored bounce, where all money raised went to the NSPCC.

We had a great time during Bike Week, we went to Dulwich Park were we had a cycling workshop to practise our cycling skills, in which our confidence grew loads, we played many different games and went to the playground. Then we ended our day with a cycle around the whole park! Thank you to everyone who came to watch and join in!



Of course summer term wouldn’t be complete without Carnival! This year the theme was, ‘Once upon a carnival’. Each year chose a genre, Year 2’s genre was Science Fiction, so we focused on Space and aliens. We read different alien books in English and have been working hard to create our costumes, masks and props ready for the big day, not to mention all of the dance rehersals!

We’re happy to say the carnival was a huge success again this year, the weather was fantastic and we all had so much fun, thank you to everyone who came along to watch us! You can view pictures of the day on the main news feed, or here: https://bessemergrangeprimary.co.uk/carnival/

Wow, how is the year over already! It has gone so quick. We would like to say a very big well done to everybody for all of your hard work and effort. You have all been amazing and made our year so enjoyable, we are very proud of each and everyone of you and wish you all a very relaxing and funfilled summer holiday! Take care and we look forward to seeing you in September.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everybody for your support, kind words and generosity this year, we were truely overwhelmed by your thoughtful end of year cards and gifts, it really has been a pleasure working with this class and we will miss them all greatly.

Have a wonderful break, with love from Miss Witchell and Miss Howard xxx