3AF 2016/17

Carnival Art pt II

Take a look at our fabulous frogs, created as part of our work for our carnival book.

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We’ve been working hard, preparing for the carnival. Here we are making our placards, using Indigenous Australian art as our inspiration. Take a look at our work in a sneak preview before Friday.

National School Sports Week

Last week was National Schools Sports Week. We competed against 3LB and 3AW in a year group football match and invented a special ‘superfood’ blueberry and banana smoothie, with accompanying ad!

We also created a survey as part of our ‘Data Logging’ unit in our Rising Stars computing topic.  Here is the link to our survey. Please complete before July 7th as we’d love to know what you think about school sports!



Horrid Henry World Book Day

Year 3 turned themselves into a right horrid bunch for World Book Day.  We made pirate hats, inspired by the book ‘Horrid Henry’ and wrote poems about Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter (inspired by Michael Rosen’s poem ‘Me and My Brother‘) which we enjoyed performing them to each other. Take a look at our day here


Vanessa Bell at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

On Wednesday March 1st we visited the Vanessa Bell exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery. We had a lovely tour, led by Rosemary, followed by a brilliant workshop in which we made our own abstract paintings in the style of Vanessa Bell. Take a look.

The Stone Age

This term we have been learning about the Stone Age in our topic learning. We have marvelled at Stonehenge, writing observational shape poems and using the Brian Moses poem ‘Stonehenge‘ as our inspiration, we have created Stonehenge silouhettes and played at being Stone Age hunters, not forgetting our trip to South Norwood Lakes to make our very own charcoal pencils!

We even tried to build our own Stonehenge using this recipe we found online. However, it turned out to be harder than we thought!

We have also been learning about different prehistoric animals in our topic learning. We researched animal facts online and found images to create our own e-books as you can see here

, then had a go at making our own storyboards about a segment from ‘Ice Age’ a movie in which all the main characters are prehistoric animals!

We also found a few spare minutes to watch this episode of ‘Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures’ in which he has to go in search of a woolly mammoth tusk!

This term we have bee using Tynker to practice our coding and programming skills. We created Stone Age comic strips as you can see online here or get a sample of from this screenshot.


Welcome to year 3!


We took this photo of us on our first day of year 3.  We all had some mixed feelings before coming into school that day; some nerves but lots of excitement too.  Seeing each other again was great and we’ve really enjoyed our start to year 3. We’ve got lots of great things coming up. A trip to the British Museum, starting to learn the recorders and making the most of our new playground being top of the list!

Marianne North

This year our art project theme has been flowers. We have been looking at the works of Marianne North, a botanical artist with a permanent exhibition in Kew. She spent a year in Brazil and we focused on her paintings from this period. We practised different oil pastel techniques before creating a whole-class jigsaw image of her work, Wild Flowers of Brazil. Here are some pictures of us at work.

Clean Air Week

We have been learning about how air quality can affect our health and discussing how we can work to reduce air pollution in our community.  We designed some posters using the computing skills we have learned this half-term.

Citizen Science

Our air quality work took us out into East Dulwich where we conducted traffic surveys and observed tree trunks, looking to lichen that grow well in nitrogen rich (pollution heavy) spots.  What type of vehicle do you think was most frequent in our survey?

Ancient Egypt

We are coming towards the end of our topic on Ancient Egypt but here are some photos of the clay scarab beetles we made, as well as a few of our names written in hieroglyphs.