3AW 2016/17

Welcome to 3AW

Summer Term 1

Here as some of the exciting learning experiences we have had this half term: trip to the Horniman Museum, BMX riding a Burgess Park, Making 3D creepy craewlies and creating twig skeletons in the nature garden.

Spring Term

We have been fortunate to go on some amazing trips like Dulwich Picture Gallery, Kensington Palace and the Hindu Temple in Lewisham. We have also done some fun learning activities in school such as baking Victorian Sponge cakes when studying Queen Victoria and making slime and spaghetti towers during science week.

Autumn 1

Plant art

Nature Garden- Observing seasonal changes

3AW Class Assembly  on Mummification

Ancient Detective Squad- How did Tutankhamen die? 

British Museum

We have started to learn to play the recorder

Art in 3AW

This term,  the children visited South Norwood Lake and Grounds to participate in a Stone Age charcoal making session.