3CB 2020

Welcome to 3CB

Autumn 2020

3CB started the year beautifully and enjoyed catching up with friends after such a long time.  They settled into new routines really well and should be really proud of their start to year 3 life.


This term we have enjoyed lots of books including Leon and the Place Between, Cinderella of the Nile, The Tin Forest and the Pied Piper of Hamelin. We have focused on forming sentences correctly and varying our sentence types. We have started to use adventurous language in our writing.


This term we have been focusing on place value, addition and subtraction and we have started our multiplication and division unit.  We have been looking specifically at 3-digit numbers and finding different ways to represent them, using more, less than and equal to symbols to compare numbers. We’ve added and subtracting numbers using manipulatives, number lines and formal written methods.


In science, we have been investigating force and magnets and have been doing lots of exciting experiments (with many more to come)! We have also been looking at light and shadows which has been really interesting.


In the first half term got stuck into our Ancient Egyptian topic, where we looked at Ancient Civilizations and how civilizations began.  We created Egypt landscapes and explored mummification, where we mummified tomatoes!  We also had a go at using Hieroglyphics to write our names and decode secret messages!

In the second half term we studied the royals including significant royals throughout history and why the magna carta was so important.


We started the year doing a wide variety of activities to develop our fundamental movement skills. So far, we have completed multi-skills, gymnastics and invasion games units.

Children in Need

We took part in raising money for Children in Need by supporting Joe Wicks with his 24-hour PE challenge. We even managed to get ourselves on the TV!

Marcus Rashford

We spent some time learning about Marcus Rashford and his life. We wrote letters to him and are waiting to hear back!

Long term investigation

We started our long-term investigation where we will be studying trees and plants and how change through the seasons.

Any other business

In our class story time this term we have read: The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, There’s a Pharaoh in Our Bath, The Girl and the Dinosaur and Last.

Unfortunately, we did have to close our year group bubble for two weeks but the children managed to keep doing fantastic learning online.

It has been a brilliant term in 3CB and we can’t wait to be back after the Christmas holidays!


Spring 2021

Unfortunately, the Spring term started with more home schooling. The children worked really hard throughout this difficult period. Their level of work and engagement was amazing and we were all very proud of them.

At the start of March, we were able to return back into the classroom which was amazing.


In the Spring term we focused on multiplication and division, money and statistics.


We read The Tear Thief by Julia Donaldson, fables and Jim a Cautionary Tale. The children really enjoyed the different texts and created some excellent written pieces.


In science, we studied plants including the different parts of a plant, their lifecycle and the processes of pollination and seed dispersal. Our second unit of the term was Animals including humans where we studied animals and their skeletons.


Our first topic of the term was India. We focused on the geography of India including human and physical features. Our second topic was creepy crawlies where we counited to focus on geography and art.



Summer Term


In maths we studied fractions throughout summer 1. Including finding fractions of amounts, comparing fractions and equivalent fractions.


We have read so far Escape from Pompeii and the First Drawing. Both texts were really engaging and enjoyable.


Our unit in summer 1 was rocks where we looked at different types of rocks and soils. We completed lots of experiments on rocks and we even tested how permeable different soils are.


Our topic in summer 1 was the Stone Age to Iron Age. We were fortunate to be able to visit a stone age village. During this topic we studied clothing, Skara Brae and how life changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.


In PE we focused on our social skills through net and wall games. We focused on developing positive relationships with each other, supporting each other and providing each other with feedback.