Welcome to 3CR!

Summer 2

We measured how tall our bean plants had grown for the science week competition. Well done to everyone who had managed to grow theirs.


We have learnt lots of new art techniques while making things for Carnival. These have included tie dye, block printing, marbling and willow sculptures.


We began the term with a circus workshop, learning different skills such as juggling, ribbon twirling and human pyramids.

 Summer 1

We really enjoyed our Creepy Crawly topic, especially hunting for insects in the nature garden! We even created our own classification keys on the new iPads.


Science week was very practical and enjoyed by all. The science workshop was a real highlight.


Autumn 1

We started off the term by creating self-portraits using collage materials. Can you find our display around school?

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt. We have been learning about the different Egyptian gods and have been busy creating some artwork using different mediums.

We have used the laptops to find out facts about daily life in Ancient Egypt. We have especially enjoyed the more gruesome aspects of Ancient Egyptian medical practices!

We will be visiting the Horniman Museum on  Tuesday 30th September to find out more about this fascinating topic.

We enjoyed our first recorder lesson this week with our brand new recorders!

Autumn 2

This term’s topic has been The Stone Age, which has been great fun! We have particularly enjoyed the book ‘Ug, the boy genius of the stone age’, and making our own versions of cave paintings. We even made a human timeline to show just how long this era went on for!


We have been investigating rocks and soils in science through different practical experiments, and have been amazed to learn that there are lots of different kinds of soils. Making a mock fossil was also a highlight!


One morning this term we made bread rolls that we baked in the clay oven in the nature garden. They tasted delicious!

In December, we were lucky enough to skate on Bessemer’s very own ice rink.

Spring 1

This term’s topic is The Royal Family. We have been finding out all about modern and historical royals using a range of sources. We have made crowns and acted out being royal ourselves!


In literacy, we have done some fantastic story-writing based on ‘The Wolves in the Walls’. At the moment we are challenging princess stereotypes through the characters in ‘Princess Smartypants’ and ‘The Paper Bag Princess’. We acted this out for our class assembly.


In science we have been studying plants and have learnt lots of new vocabulary! We were lucky enough to try local honey when we had some visitors come in to talk to us about pollination. We also enjoyed a drama session about pollination called ‘Now Press Play’.


Spring 2

This term’s topic is Spain. We have been learning about world geography by making our own globes. We have also been studying the geography of Spain and have made 3D maps to show its physical features.


We created lots of artwork inspired by Spanish artists/architects such as Picasso and Gaudi.


Dressing up as superheros and tackling the obstacle course for Comic Relief was great fun!


We have been out and about lots this term, including weekly swimming lessons and a trip to the Unicorn theatre. We have also spent the day at Surrey Docks farm as part of Healthy Week.

We did a daily dance lesson during Healthy week and had a very informative workshop. We also enjoyed cooking our superfood muesli for the Bessemer Masterchef competition.


Maths has involved lots of practical activities as we’ve been studying Measures.


Science has been very practical too, involving various light and shadow investigations.



Please keep checking our page to see what we have been doing!

Miss Rosoman