3EF 2018/19

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Year 3 Trip to the Zoo

3EF had a fantastic day at The London Zoo visiting the animals and learning all about invertebrates. The Giraffes were especially our favourite!

English – The Princess Blanket

In year three we have been reading the book ‘The Princess Blanket’. During an English lesson we wrote descriptive pieces describing the ‘Blanket of the Earth’ from the book.

The blanket was crawling with spiders, and clung to her tightly. The seams were crumbling slowly like ice breaking off an arctic shelf. The blanket had hollow, decaying and yellowish bones embedded inside and felt moist and clammy to the touch. It was stitched with tangled roots and spongy, emerald moss, giving off a strange odor. Small, stunted twigs and smelly fungi were enclosed in its folds, making waves of smell blast out. Jagged, rough rocks gave it some character, while the soft crumbly texture tried to take first prize.

Jacob Porzig

30.01.19 3EF

Museum Trip – Ancient Egypt

We had a blast at the British Museum exploring the Egyptian exhibits. We saw mummies, the Rosetta Stone and loads of hieroglyphics carved into statues.


We dove in deep learning all about Forces and Magnets, our science topic for this term. In this lesson we were exploring and observing how magnets attract or repel each other. We discovered that magnets attract some materials but not others.