3LB 2016/17

Welcome 3LB!

Autumn 1


Here we are painting some amazing Vincent Van Gogh sunflowers! 

This term, we visited The British Museum to view the Ancient Egyptian Galleries, as part of our topic unit. We spent the day looking at Ancient Egyptian statues, carvings and artefacts!

3LB have been learning about air pollution levels across London. We went on a local walk to identify the effects of air pollution in our community. We also made PowerPoint presentations and art work to promote the ‘Clean Air’ message. 

This term, we were lucky enough to have Poppy’s mum, Jo Marchant, author of ‘The Shadow King: the bizarre life of King Tut’s mummy’, come in to speak to us. This was an amazing opportunity for the children to gain in-depth knowledge of the mysteries behind the life of Ancient Egyptian mummies.

Autumn 2

Here we are on World Book Day! Don’t we look amazing?

This term, the children visited South Norwood Lake and Grounds to participate in a Stone Age charcoal making session. Here are the highlights from our trip!

Here we are, using the charcoal to create Stone Age cave drawings!

Spring 1

Here we are at the year 3 recorder concert! We sounded like heaven on earth!

It snowed one day this term! Break time was amazing!

This term, the children visited Kensington Palace. Here are the highlights from our trip!

Spring 2

3LB were selected to take part in Spring Awakening 2017. This was an event commissioned by Southwark Council to celebrate community and the change in seasons in East Dulwich.  3LB created beautiful butterflies to symbolise the transformation and change that occurs during winter and spring.

This term, the children had the amazing opportunity to visit a Hindu temple. Here are the highlights from our trip!

This term, 3LB celebrated ‘science week’ by conducting a number of exciting experiments. First, we participated in the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge. Then, we survived a ‘slime time’ Mad Science workshop with Helium Helen and finally, we did the ice balloon challenge.

Summer 1

This term, we have been learning about ‘creepy crawlies’ as part of our topic. Here are some entomological water colours based on the work of Maria Merian.

3LB have been reading the brilliant Roald Dahl novel ‘James and the Giant Peach’. Here is part of our display board.

Glow Worm – Theo, James – Tate, Old Green Grasshopper – Seb, Silk Worm – Sophia, Earthworm – Arthur, Miss Spider – Lucy, Mrs Ladybird – Jaidan and the Centipede – Thomas P

This term, the children visited The Horniman Museum and Gardens to participate in an animal classification workshop. Here are the highlights from our trip!

Here we are BMX biking at Burgess Park!

Summer 2


Our topic this term is based on ‘Carnival of the Animals’, which is Bessemer’s chosen theme this year. Year 3 has been assigned ‘Amphibians’ as our focus animal group.

Here we are at the ‘Centre for Wildlife and Gardening’ learning about pond life.

Here we are on our way to the ‘Unicorn Theatre’ enjoying a day in the sun!