3LM 2020

Hello and welcome to 3LM’s class page!

Autumn 1 2020

3LM have started the year beautifully and have enjoyed catching up with friends after such a long time.  We have been settling into new routines really well and all children should be so proud of themselves! We kicked off the year with our art project! Our focus was ‘identity’ and we CAN’T WAIT to show you what we have been working on at the upcoming (virtual) art fair at the end of this half term.


We have been getting stuck into our Ancient Egyptian topic, where we have been looking at Ancient Civilizations and are beginning to see how civilizations begin.  We have been creating Egypt landscapes and have explored mummification, where we mummified tomatoes!  We also had a go at using Hieroglyphics to write our names and decode secret messages!  


We’ve enjoyed reading the book ‘Leon and the Place Between’ – A book about an incredible circus adventure. We have been practicing varying the length of our sentences and looking at using ‘precise’ verbs and noun phrases to improve our work!  Pictures of our amazing writing coming very soon.


We are looking at number and place value for the first half of this term.  We have looking specifically at 3 digit numbers and finding different ways to representing them, using more, less than and equal to symbols to compare numbers.


In science, we have been investigating force and magnets and have been doing lots of exciting experiments (with many more to come)!


Please see the photos below for a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.

We look forward to sharing so much more of our learning with you as the term and the year progresses.