3LS 2020



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Autumn 2020

3LS have had a wonderful time coming back to school. We’ve really enjoyed seeing our friends again after the summer!


We have read some exciting books such as Cinderella of the Nile, The Tin Forest, Leon and the Place Between, and the Pied Piper!

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This term we are looking at number and place value, mainly 3 digit numbers, and some addition and subtraction. We have been finding different ways to represent numbers, comparing them, and using the formal written methods to add and subtract.


We have been investigating fore and magnets, and we are going to be looking at light for the second half of the term. We have done some exciting experiments and learnt lots of new information!


We have really enjoyed this half term’s topic – Anciet Egypt! We have been looking in detail at some Ancient civilisations, focusing on the Ancient Egyptians. We looked at a variety of areas, including geography, and how we know what we know about the Egyptians! We even mummified tomatoes!


For the second half of the term, we looked at significant royals in history! Here are a couple of documentaries we made using a green screen:


Spring 2020

What a strange term! We haven’t done much in school, but we have had lots of fun since returning!


We looked at a lovely book called Moth, where we learnt about evolution, and how different moths have adapted to survive in the world. We also learnt about fables and some cautionary tales!


We have focused on length and perimeter, and begun our unit on fractions. We have looked at different units of measurement, and used practical resources to help us represent fractions to understand them clearly.


This half term we have been looking at animals (including humans). We looked at animals and their food chains, studied the different types of animal skeletons, and also looked at the human skeleton and what it’s made up of!


For Spring 2, we have been learning about Creepy Crawlies! We learnt about different bugs and went on a bug hunt in the nature garden. We also looked at different climate zones around the world, and understood about biomes around the world, and how this affects what invertebrates you find there. Here are some posters we made:


We also made some fantastic documentaries about some insects. We researched them, filmed them, and edited them using a greenscreen!

Summer 2020

Welcome back, 3LS! We are very excited to be back this term. We have lots of fun activities planned and lots of exciting new learning!