Welcome to 3LS!

Autumn 1

We hope you have had a fantastic summer break and your brain is feeling relaxed and ready for learning!

We have had a very exciting start to our half term – we began by making some fantastic pieces of Art based around the theme ‘landscapes’.

Our topic for this half term is the Ancient Egyptians – we have lots of fun lessons and a class trip.


Topic – Ancient Egypt

During our topic lessons, we have learnt about lots of different aspects of Ancient Egyptian life. We learnt about mummification, and mummified our own tomatoes using the same process! We learnt lots of interesting facts and have enjoyed showing everything we learnt through our non-chronological reports!

Petrie Museum

We were very lucky to visit the Petrie museum as part of our Ancient Egypt topic lessons. We were able to see real life artefacts with hieroglyphs, a mummified head, and a burial pot!


Another exciting opportunity from this half term was our trip to JAGS to watch a musical performance and reading of The Wonderbird by the Year 7s, and the author, David Lucas himself! We were then guided through an origami activity where we got to make our own birds.

English – Senses in the Nature Garden

In English, we have been reading The Princess Blankets by Carol Ann Duffy. We went for a trip down to the nature garden to help us think of adjectives to describe the different senses in that environment.

Autumn 2

Welcome back! We hope you have had a fantastic half term break!  We have got lots of exciting things planned, such as a trip to the Portrait Gallery, and some exciting topic work to do with the Royals.

Topic – The Royals

We have really enjoyed learning about the Royal family. We have learnt lots about who is who in the family, and learnt about how to structure a family tree!

Science – Fossils

We have been learning about rocks as part of our topic for Science. To help us understand how different types of fossils are formed, we completed some different activities involving clay, PVA glue and cookies. We ‘excavated’ chocolate chips from the cookies, and described and demonstrated how trace and mold fossils are formed using coloured clay.

Portrait Gallery and Buckingham Palace

To support our topic – The Royals – we went on a trip into central London to explore the portraits of members of the Royal family. We went and had lunch in St James’ park and walked to look at Buckingham Palace. We loved watching the guards marching!

Spring 1

Happy new year, 3LS! We hope you had a fantastic winter break, celebrating with your loved ones!

We have lots happening this half term, including TWO trips! We will be visiting the Tate Modern as part of our Spain topic, but we also will be going to a Stone Age village in preparation for next half term’s topic: Stone Age to Iron Age.

Drama Workshop

We had a special guest from the past come in to do some drama with us! It was great fun imagining to be travelling and discovering new lands.

Tate Modern – Spain Topic

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Tate Modern! We visited to look at the modern and contemporary artists born in Spain that we have been studying in class, such as: Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Abigail Lazkoz and Salvador Dali.

Lifting Limits Workshop

In English, we have been reading the story Cinderella of the Nile. We had a special guest come in and help us come up with our own fables and rhymes to go with our own stories.

Stone Age Village – Next Half Term’s Topic – Stone Age to Iron Age

We went on an incredible trip to Celtic Harmony Village in Hertfordshire. It was a really long coach journey, but it was definitely worth it! We got to experience hunting and gathering; den building; stone age cooking; and even a fire-making demonstration! Have a look at our fantastic photos and videos below!