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We are all very excited to be in year three. It’s a big change though moving upstairs in the school and to a different playground!


In science we are learning about ‘Animals, including Humans’. Here you can see us drawing around each other to create our own life size skeleton drawings. We used books and the internet for reference, to make sure we were putting the right bones in the right places



We are looking at Creepy Crawlies in topic this term, here we are doing some habitat inspired poly block printing.



We have been to clean out and feed the chickens, water the fruit trees and turn the compost.




We created Picasso style portraits using a mix of paint and oil pastel, then we framed them in our regal style pasta frames that we made last term. We are very pleased with the results; if you are in school, we have them on display by the top hall.


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We’re feeling refreshed after the winter break and ready to start the new year. This term our topic is ‘Royals’, watch this space for our Royal portraits. In English we will be be reading a beautiful picture book called ‘The Princess’ Blankets’ by the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. In Science we’re learning about ‘Plants’.

We will participating in a workshop at the Tate Modern in February, keep an eye out for photographs of our visit.

Tate workshops


This half term we have been looking at ‘Rocks and Soils’ in Science, ‘The Stone Age’ in Topic and reading ‘Wolves in the Walls’ by Neil Gaiman and ‘Ug’ by Raymond Briggs in English.

Here we are using drama to show the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.


We made festive salt-dough decorations for enterprise week, which were then sold at the school Winter Fair. I’m sure you’ll agree that they look brilliant!

We learnt about Stone Henge, some of us had already visited this historical site and were able to give us first hand information. We then worked in groups to create our own Stone Henge style models using 3D shapes and classroom objects.


We visited the British Museum and thoroughly enjoyed the Ancient Egyptian artefacts, although the mummies and the skeletons were a little creepy.

Watch this space!