4AC 2017/18

 Welcome to 4AC’s Class Page!

Autumn Term 1

During ‘Art Week’ we have been developing our skills and techniques with different mediums, including paint and oil pastels.

As the theme this year was portraits, we took inspiration from a famous one-eared artist in one of our pieces of work – can you guess who from our work below?

Because our Autumn term’s topic is ‘The Vicious Vikings’, we thought it would be a shame not to try our hand at some scary Viking self portraits!

 In Science we are learning about the digestive system. Our first investigation is already underway!

Which drink is most damaging to our teeth? We are going to find out. The cups in the image above contain an egg, and various different liquids, such as: cola, orange juice, milk, and an energy drink. Which do you think will cause most damaging to the egg? This should prove which drink is worst for our teeth. Make sure you ask us how it goes!

This term we visited the British Museum to support our learning about the Vikings – look on the school twitter feed for a photo of our class!
We saw lots of objects from Viking hoards… a bit like the one we created ourselves!

We also saw an interesting version of the story Beowulf performed at the Unicorn Theatre.

We created these colourful information posters to show what we have learnt in science.

We went on the first of our workshops to Dulwich Picture Gallery this term. Did you know the gallery is celebrating its 200th Birthday this year?

Here are some boat models we created both in class and for our topic homework.

Autumn Term 2

We have been continuing our project with the Dulwich Picture Gallery. This time we went on a local area history walk, made some art and attended a story telling session.

To support our learning about World War 2, we visited the Imperial War Museum:

Spring 1 – 2018

The term has really whizzed by! One of our highlights was getting to perform with the rest of the year group at Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank. We have been learning to play the saxophone since September and this was our first concert – and our first experience being led by a conductor! It was amazing to have so many friends and family there to support us. 

Look out in ‘First News’ for the article we wrote about it.


In Science this term we have been learning about electric circuits by making some ourselves. We also designed and made our own light-up Iron Man heads ( see photos below).


Spring 2 – 2018

This term has been all about ‘The Tempest’. Our incredible production – where the children created the props, backdrop, their headwear, learnt and sang all the songs brilliantly and performed their parts expertly. We are still singing the songs and quoting the Shakespearian lines in our sleep! Look out for the full video of the show on this website after the Easter holidays!

Apart from The Tempest, other things have been taking place in Bessemer Grange and for 4AC…

We have been continuing in our year long project with the Dulwich Picture Gallery to celebrate their 200th year. 

Here are some pictures from our recent workshop at the gallery … making paint with eggs … as they used to do in the olden days apparently!

They also came to visit us in school. We were tasked with designing and building a model of our perfect gallery:


Then there was also Science Week…

We designed our own bug hotels. Do you think we will have many customers?


‘Mad Mandy’ from the Mad Scientists came to visit us in class and showed us some ‘changing state’ investigations…

We also investigated what would happen when we mixed acids and alkaline…

Summer Term


We have had an action-packer Summer Term in 4AC!

The Carnival Theme this year is ‘Once-Upon-a-Carnival’. In Year 4 we have been learning some Aboriginal Folk Tales, which tell stories of the creation during what they call ‘The Dreamtime’.

As well as orally re-telling these stories and exploring their morals and lessons, we have been writing our own, based on the animals and the landscape of the the Australian Outback.


Our carnival artwork has been based on this landscape, the flora and fauna, and the stories about it.


Dulwich Picture Gallery Take-Over Day

We were thrilled that so  many parents and carers came to our Take-Over Day at Dulwich Picture Gallery. The class were incredible – giving tours to the public, telling them about some of their favourite paintings, story-telling and running art workshops.

It was a brilliant afternoon and showed how confident the children have become over the year in talking about what they think and feel about the art works.