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Weather Reporters

We became weather reporters for the BBC! To share our learning on weather patterns in the UK, we presented the week’s weather in front of a green screen.


This half term our topic has been Environment. In this sequence of lessons we mapped the Geographical, Physical and Human features of the United Kingdom.

Art – The Iron Man

In English we have been reading the Iron Man. We created portraits of the Iron Man using charcoal and used smudging to create shadow effects.

Science – Sound

This half term in science we have been investigating sound. In these picture you can see the children carrying out an investigation on how sound travels through solids. We found that sound traveled better through the cups and string than through the air.



Design Technology – Anderson Shelters

As part of our Topic WWII, we designed and created our very own Anderson shelters. Anderson shelters were built in  people’s backyard during the war and used as shelter during air raids.