Welcome to year 4! 

Spring Term…Coming soon!

We have just wrapped up the Autumn Term and it flew by so fast!

We have had a really exciting term, learning all about the Tudors and even creating and presenting our own informative slideshows to the class with all of our research.

Our trip to the Tate Britain was fantastic. Not only did we get to see our own class on the walls of the gallery, we were able to take in the classic art which adorns its’ walls.

In Science, we investigated how objects dropped from different heights affect the vibrations and thus the volume of the collision.

We are looking forward to next term, in which we will start our Topic: Environment.

During our first week back we have gotten dramatic in English – thinking about how we can create tension with dialogue.We have also jumped into the life of an evacuee child using Now Press Play. In the Nature Garden, we searched for different animals while considering their adaptations. In Computing we have begun to create our own sprites with the intention to animate them in the coming weeks!

Well, it’s a new half term and our World War 2 topic has come to an end. We will now be jumping in to the world of the Tudors!

I want to share a few photos from before half term when we were fortunate enough to have a grandparent join us in class and share some WWII items from her family. We were able to look at medals, money, ration books and military dog tags from the 1940s. Take a look!