4LB 2018/19

Welcome 4LB!

Autumn 1

The summer break is over and we are ready for an exciting new adventure in Year 4! We have settled in well and are already engaged in our Art project, ‘Animals in Art’, ready for the Art Exhibition in October. This term we focused on creating artworks inspired by both Salvador Dali and Aboriginal dot paintings. Here we are busy working away!

Autumn 2

This term, we learned all about the Terrible Tudors, Sound and Hinduism. In English we read a fiction text called The Krindlekrax! It was so funny and exciting!


Spring 1

This term, we learned all about Global Food, States of Matter and Judaism.  In English we read The Cloud Tea Monkeys, which is about Magical tea from India! Here we are enjoying our chocolate workshop. We learned how chocolate is made and even made our own truffles! Yummy!

Spring 2

This term, we learned all about London at War, Electricity and Christianity.  In English we read Otto, which is about a lost Germany teddy bear! Here we are enjoying World Book Day!

Ruby’s mum came in to show us some family WW2 medals! How fascinating!

Summer 1

This term, we learned all about the Vicious Vikings, animals including humans and Buddhism.  In English we read Beowulf, which is about a brave Viking and a terrifying creature named Grendle!

Here we are enjoying our trip to Herne Hill Velodrome!

Summer 2

This term, we learned all about plastic pollution and the damage single use plastic has on our environment, animals including humans and Sikhism.  In English we read Varmints, which taught us how important it is to respect nature!

Here we are enjoying our Clare Balding author visit at Jags!

Here we are creating carnival art work!