5AC 2020

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We have settled in quickly to the new school year and are happy to back! During the first full week we have been getting used to the changes that have had to happen, but most importantly, we have been enjoying the things are still the same – spending time with our friends and learning together!

During this first week we have been working on the theme ‘All about Me’. We have been talking about what makes us, us, as well as spending some time talking about feelings we have been experiencing.

As a result of this, we have produced some brilliant artwork: one piece in the style of Andy Warhol, where we looked at which colours we felt represented certain feelings. We then discussed how we could use complementary colours to help our ‘mini portraits’ stand out.

The second piece we worked on focused on identity. We spent some time in class talking about what the term ‘Identity’ meant, and how we define our own identity. We then created an individual piece that we felt reflected our interests, hobbies, culture and heritage.

Below are some photos from our first week, including our first lesson on our new topic – The Romans.


Autumn 1 2020:

Below includes photographs from some of our time this term in the nature garden – made up as Iceni warriors (following our topic week learning about the Boudicca rebellion), and some Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!

We also enjoyed watching a short film of the story ‘The Promise’ and discussed its themes about hope and the power within  all of us to make positive changes to improve the world we live in. We were inspired to create some art.




Spring 2

Back in school! This term’s topic was Mexico. Here are some pictures of the work we made in school on this topic. We enjoyed makings some 3D maps of the country in Geography lessons, and made ‘Day of the Dead’ masks and wrote reports about the problems faced by megacities such as Mexico City for our topic write. In Science we looked at Lifecycles – inclucing the life cycle of flowering plants. We disected some dafodils and labelled the different parts.



Summer 1

For this term’s topic, we have been learning about space. We completed a week long project designing a city to go on Mars.

Here are some images of our Martian buildings:

We also worked in pairs to create an abstract space artwork:


Summer 2

Here are some of our final photos of the year – PB week. We set ourselves targets which we worked hard to beat – showing determination, reslilience and hard work.

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