5AM 2016/17

Welcome to 5AM!

Summer 2

Our final topic this term is the one and only ‘CARNIVAL – Animals around the world’.

Over the course of the half term, we have had tremendous fun creating our costumes, learning Samba and experimenting with new artistic medias, such as clay.

Here are some photos from the big day.

In English, we’ve been reading Roald Dahl’s ‘The Enormous Crocodile’, which has allowed us to have ridiculous amounts of fun – particularly when we’ve made up our own fiendish schemes to trick and gollop up little kiddlywinks whole!

Summer 1

Our topic for this half term is one that has greatly sparked the interest and intrigue of 5AM – Space!

We’ve had fun in Science recreating scientific ideas using new equipment. Here are some photos from us recreating the phases of the moon.

We also learnt loads on our trip to the Science Museum. We even saw Tim Peake’s shuttle, which he travelled to and from the International Space Station.

This inspired us in English to write discussion texts whether Tim Peake should teach Science lessons on space. Some people thought this was a fantastic idea, as he is more knowledgeable than the average primary school; others thought it would cost too much money, meaning that schools would have to make sacrifices in areas such as Art and P.E.

Spring 2

Oh my goodness, what a half term!

First of all, 5AM returned to a complete mess of a classroom. Tables were flipped, pen pots upturned and an enormous, greasy hand print was on the window. It couldn’t have been a rampaging teacher, could it?

Luckily, this all made sense when we realised we were reading King Kong as our text in English.

We even acted out some of the story in our class assembly. We hope you find it as entertaining as we intended it to be.


5AM also put in a fantastic effort for World Book Day. Check out our Willy Wonka inspired hats.


Spring 1

Last half term, we explored some of the sights of the city we live in, as part of our London topic. How many landmarks can you spot?



First, we explored the lives of the Ancient Romans. Here we are painting our own Roman shields that would have been needed to protect us in battle


In the second half of the autumn term we explored what life was like for the Victorians.

We went on a trip to the Old Operating Theatre Museum, a place that we could mix Victorian medicines but also learn how a person would have had their arm amputated without any anesthetic – OUCH!

Take a look at our Gamelan performance! This was the result of two weeks of hard work which tested 5AM’s artistic and musical ability.