5AM 2017/18

Welcome to 5AM

Autumn 2

It has been an exciting half term in which we have explored Victorian life as part of our topic, participated in some amazing workshops and experiences as well as make some truly wonderful winter decorations.

Back in November, 5AM were fortunate enough to be visited by some special guests from Dulwich College. They demonstrated three amazing Science experiments as well as showed us some fascinating creatures, which we were even lucky enough to hold.

At the end of November, 5AM visited Southwark Cathedral to experience what life was like for real Victorian school children. As a part of the experience, the class were expected to exercise in the yard, dressed in traditional attire (it was freezing), before practising their times tables and perfecting their handwriting.

Inspired by our ‘Victorians’ topic, 5AM made some wonderful winter wreaths to be sold at the Winter Fair in December. They were constructed by wrapping ivy and holy, as well as other decorations including pine cones, berries and orange slices, around a frame which the children made from wire and willow.

Wishing you a happy holiday from 5AM!

Christmas Performances

Autumn 1

For the first few days in Year 5, we have been exploring the theme of portraits. We were inspired by Kehinde Wiley, an American-based artist, and attempted to incorporate his style using bold painted backgrounds to contrast to our oil pastel self portraits.

We also discussed what makes a good role model in P.S.H.E. and decided to draw portraits of who we look up to.

Our topic for this half term is the Romans and we are currently enjoying reading Julius Zebra.

We’ve also had a fantastic virtual reality (V.R.) workshop, which informed us about identifying the signs of bullying and knowing what to do if we ever find ourselves in that position.