5HG 2017/18

Welcome to 5HG

Autumn 2:

Enterprise Week:

For Enterprise Week Year 5 decided to design and create Victorian wreaths. We used wire, willow, evergreen plants, ribbon, bells and pine cones. Check out our pictures of our wreaths below.


This term in 5HG we have been learning about algorithms and different codes. We have learnt about Semaphore, Morse code and Caesar cipher codes. Below are some pictures of 5HG are carrying signing with Semaphore flags.

Victorian School Trip:

This term we have been learning about the Victorians. We went to Southwark Cathedral to learn about life in an Victorian times. We had great fun dressing up in Victorian costumes, chanting our times tables, writing on slates and practicing our handwriting.

Big Draw:

For Big Draw in October, we focused on how to create movement. Inspired by the Futurist artists, we created models of people using split pins so they could be arranged in different action poses. We then repeatedly drew around these models in order to show movement.

Dulwich College Science Visit:

This term we were lucky enough that Dulwich College visited 5HG to show us some interesting experiments. They also bought some animals with them. We had a great time learning more about different types of tarantulas, King Cobras and chameleons.

In Autumn, we studied the leaves that fell from the trees. We studied the bark and the shapes of the leaves in order to identify types of trees we have in the playground.

Gamelan Performances

 Autumn 1:

In our first few days of Year 5, we were inspired by the American artist Kehinde Wiley who paints portraits with a bright patterned background. Check out our fabulous portraits below.

We enjoyed seeing our portraits in the whole school exhibition.

The Romans:

We also created some mixed media Roman portraits using a string to create a pattern then covered in tin foil and polished to give an old effect. We designed a Roman helmet and used our photographs to complete piece.


In English we have been Reading: ‘Julius Zebra’ Rumble with the Romans!’ written and illustrated by Gary Northfield. We wrote  a newspaper article about the key events and created our own Roman shields.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a Roman solider. We learnt lots about being a Roman solider, battles in Roman times and how ordinary citizens lived.

We then told the rest of the school some of the information that we had learnt from the workshop in our class assembly.

Anti-Bullying Virtual Reality Workshop: 

We had an interesting and informative anti-bullying virtual reality workshop which taught us how to identify signs and situations of bullying and what to do if faced these circumstances. We loved wearing the headsets.

London Fire Brigade Visit:

London Fire Brigade visited 5HG. We learnt about lots about the risks of fire, how to establish a fire safety plan and what to do if we have a fire in our homes.


This half term we are learning about materials. We examined lots of different materials closely and identified their properties.