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Here is our amazing class picture as drawn by Abi.

Spring 2: Mexico

In Spring 2 our topic has been Mexico. We have been learning about the geography of Mexico and map reading. We also designed our own chocolate product and made Salsa.


Here we are making chocolate, it was tasty, but very sweet!

This is what we thought about making chocolate:


Check back soon for more updates.

In Spring 2 the NSPCC came to visit. We learnt about how to stay safe and how we could help ourselves if we have a problem.


Here we are dressed up for World Book Day on March 3rd!


Maths Update:

This half term we are aiming to learn our next times tables on our Rocket cards.

These websites can be used to practise times tables at home:


Spring 1: London

This half term we will be learning about our capital city, London. We will be reading ‘The London Eye Mystery’ by Siobhan Dowd. We will be reading the book and writing our own version of the story.

So far this half term we have created a timeline of history of London and written an information booklet including key facts about London today. We then researched a particular landmark in London and made a fact-file about this landmark. After this we a 3D model of our London landmark.

We visited the London Eye, check out our pictures below.

This is what we thought about going on the London Eye:


We studied the art work of Patrick Caulfield a Pop Artist. We then created landscapes of London in his style.

Have a look at our finished London display, this includes non-chronological reports about London, fact files on particular landmarks, leaflets on London and our own story based on the London Eye Mystery.

In Spring 1 our Science topic was forces. We carried out various fun experiments to learn about gravity, friction and propulsion.

Autumn 2: The Victorians

In Autumn 2 we learnt about the Victorians.

We created a timeline of the Victorian era together:


We also created some William Morris patterns inspired by the famous Victorian designer:


We have read the Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Anderson which was set in Victorian times. This then inspired us to write our own versions set in the present day. We planned our work then wrote our version.

Have a look at our amazing class assembly!

Video of our Victorian Assembly

Autumn 1: The Romans

During the first half term 5HG learnt a lot about the Romans.

We have written Roman poetry, found out about Emperors and their achievements and learnt about the armour worn by Roman soliders.

Check out all their hard work below.


We also researched, planned and wrote non-chronological reports about daily life in the Roman times.

We designed and made Roman mosaics in groups.

Our completed mosaics when cemented look great and very authentic.


We read the novel: ‘Julius Zebra’ by Gary Northfield, set in Roman times. The book is about a zebra who is taken to Rome, trained as a gladiator and has to fight in the Coliseum for his freedom. We then wrote newspaper articles about the plight of the main character.


Here are some of our Roman shields that we designed and created. You can currently see them all on display outside the main (upstairs) hall or in our classroom.